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Gary Hicks

Gary Hicks video transcript

Sudha Bhuchar

Sudha Bhuchar video transcript

Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill video transcript

Marina Benjamin

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Reuben Christian

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Suvir Kaul

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Megan James

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Rob MacArthur

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Reaching out

Regional initiatives

Microsoft Vista launched

Successful business events

Tim Campbell at the Library


London: A Life in Maps

50 Years of the Album Charts

Newspaper centenary

The Blake Experience

Leading on learning

Online curriculum support

Sounds familiar?

Student visits

Histories of the slave trade

Science and digital intitiatives

Open access to medical research

Building the UK's digital library

The Planets Project

Searching all media

IP rights in the digital age

Speeding up science

Scholarship and research

Our future collecting strategy

Archival sound online

Stamps and national identity

Higher education partnerships

Free access to the English Short Title Catalogue

Safeguarding your collection

Building for the future

Centre for conservation completed

Newspaper strategy

Manuscripts Matter conference

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Thoughts on arrival

The digital challenge

Support for our 'paradise on earth'

Cultural diplomacy and the Iraq diaries

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More about Sir Colin Lucas

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Chief Executive

Hitting targets

Digital initiatives


Newspaper strategy

The contribution of colleagues

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More about Lynne Brindley

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Strategic priorities

Progress against our commitments 2006/07

Progress against our commitments 2006/07 HTML Version

Action plan for 2007/08

Action plan for 2007/08 HTML Version

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Performance against funding agreement targets

Performance against other key performance targets


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Executive team

Steve Morris

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More about Steve Morris

Jill Finney

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More about Jill Finney

Mary Canavan

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More about Mary Canavan

Richard Boulderstone

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More about Richard Boulderstone

Ronald Milne

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More about Ronald Milne

Phil Spence

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More about Phil Spence


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Adopt a book


The Folio Society

British Library Centre for Conservation

Raffles Family Collection

Coleridge Family Archive


Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

Conservation research

Corporate partners

Grants and donations

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Contacts, credits and information

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