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The British Library Bringing knowledge to life: The British Library Annual Report and Accounts 2007/08

Alison Faraday

Alison FaradayI’m Alison, I’m the Training Coordinator at the Centre for Conservation. In 2007 we moved into this purpose-built building which offers cutting edge facilities for our sound archivists and for our conservators.

The facilities also offer us the opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge through an internship scheme. Book conservation internships allow us to invest in the future of both conservation and preservation. Sound archiving internships give us unique opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with colleagues both nationally and internationally, such as in Nkwenkwezi.

Interns have the opportunity to work with our experienced staff in order to gain skills and also confidence in what they are doing. We wouldn’t be able to offer these internships without these fantastic facilities, they really are part of an international centre for both conservation and sound archiving training.

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