The British Library Bringing knowledge to life: The British Library Annual Report and Accounts 2007/08

Market research in the Business & IP Centre

Our Business & IP Centre (BIPC) has an unrivalled collection of nearly 5,000 printed market research reports, with an estimated value in excess of £4.7m. We also offer access to a range of top online market research databases.

Entrepreneurs’ first port of call should be one of our members of staff, who are familiar with the collections and can offer advice and guidance on how and where to begin research.

We offer free one-hour, one-to-one business and IP clinics, where people can discuss their business idea in complete confidence with our experts, who will identify the information necessary to take each invention or business to the next stage.

The BIPC and its partners run a range of relevant workshops – all of which are either free or heavily subsidised. Regular workshops include: ‘Knowing your market’, ‘Researching a company’, and ‘A beginner’s guide to intellectual property’.

Market research databases available in the BIPC include, eMarketer, GMID and Key Note – resources that are sometimes beyond the means of individual entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Business news media offer accurate and detailed trend analysis, market development, company profiles and forecasting – essential for developing a dynamic understanding of a particular market and all its variables.

Trade journals offer a ‘closer to the ground’ perspective – publications such as The Grocer have built their reputation on providing the best possible industry data, including tables of information, reader surveys and tracking historical trends.

Trade Directories are an excellent source for hard-to-find information on competitors, suppliers and recent market information for specific sectors.

The BIPC also acts as a gateway to other collections within the Library as well as a signpost to other, more specialist, sources of information and advice that can be found in other places.

As well as a vast range of business and IP information (including 57m patents and online databases), the Library also has Social Sciences collections that contain a wealth of relevant information, including:

Import and export data

Demographic information

Social trends