The British Library Bringing knowledge to life: The British Library Annual Report and Accounts 2007/08

My highlights from 2007/08

"As well as making important progress in strengthening our science, technology and medicine (STM) team and adding the National Library of Wales to our Digital Library network, we’ve also taken some genuinely groundbreaking steps towards our strategic priority of creating the digital research environment.

The Research Information Centre (RIC) is a networked service we’re developing to support STM researchers at every stage of the research process. From integrated searching of relevant databases, to alerts from the funding bodies that make research viable; including collaborative project-based working, analysis and modelling – right the way through to publishing and disseminating research findings.

We’ve focused on biomedical resources for the initial version of the RIC, which we’re about to beta-test with research teams in the UK and US. It moves beyond the existing ‘self-service’ provision of information resources from the British Library, to a model which is much more embedded in the environment that scientists are now working in on a day to day basis."


Architecture and Development

  • Applications Development
  • Architecture

Technical Operations

  • Server and Network
  • Infrastructure Strategy and Development
  • Desktop Services


  • Integrated Library System
  • Digitisation
  • Web Archiving
  • Digital Object Management

STM (Science, Technology and Medicine)

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