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The British Library The Knowledge Network: The British Library Annual Report and Accounts 2008/09

Executive team

Lynne Brindley
Chief Executive

"It’s been another great year of progress, achievements and recognition for the
British Library!"

Steve Morris
Director, Finance and Corporate Services

"This year has had the dual focus of laying the foundations for the Library’s medium and long-term future whilst dealing with the very real financial and operational challenges of the present."

Ronald Milne
Director, Scholarship and Collections

"This year saw the start of a major review process in Scholarship and Collections, the aim of which is to ensure that the structure of the Directorate and the knowledge and skills of the staff match the aspirations of a great research library in the 21st century."

Jill Finney
Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications

[Ms Finney resigned from the Library on 20 February 2009]

"In a year when the economy was so much on everybody’s mind, the Business & IP Centre made a difference for growing numbers of budding entrepreneurs."

Mary Canavan
Director, Human Resources

"The British Library continues to evolve at a rapid pace and we have continued our work in developing and communicating our employer proposition effectively."

Richard Boulderstone
Director, e-Strategy and Information Systems

"We have made significant progress this year in developing our digital library system."

Phil Spence
Director, Operations and Services

"The Operations and Services Directorate continues to deliver excellent services across the British Library, with maintained high levels of satisfaction of 93 per cent for St Pancras Readers and 83 per cent for Document Supply customers."