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The British Library The Knowledge Network: The British Library Annual Report and Accounts 2008/09

"The masterplanning of the Boston Spa site was completed, and the results will form the foundations for planning and consultation on the future development of the site, beginning with the proposed Newspaper storage Building. A similar exercise commissioned for the St Pancras site will identify opportunities that exist to develop future service delivery using both the existing building and, potentially, through the development of space to the north of the current Library site.

This reshaping of the Library’s estate will be driven by the need to support the Library’s current and emerging strategy. The launch of the Library’s 2008 – 2011 Strategic Plan was quickly followed by the development of proposals to develop a longer-term vision for the future, stretching out to 2020 and beyond.

The Library began the year needing to make significant budget reductions, and then found itself facing the need to make further in-year reductions as the recession began to bite. Through a mixture of carefully prioritised financial planning, strengthened budget management disciplines and a consistent focus on efficiency, the Library has been able to achieve all those reductions without scaling back on its ambitious business plan targets.

A significant part of the efficiencies achieved have come from strong procurement processes, including the successful re-tendering of the Library’s cleaning, catering and maintenance function. A growing focus on risk management has further enhanced the Library’s ability to deliver targeted benefits within budget and timeframe. "


Financial Operations

  • Financial Accounting and Processing
  • Financial Systems and Projects

Management Accounting

  • Central Management Accounts
  • Directorate Financial Managers

Strategy and Planning

  • Business Planning
  • Corporate Programme Office
  • Information Record Management
  • Corporate Strategy

Integrated Risk

  • Security
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk
  • Business Continuity
  • Emergency Management


  • Purchasing
  • Contracts
  • Legal and Contract Services


  • Real Estate Services
  • Construction Projects
  • Facility Customer Services
  • Building Services

Corporate Secretariat

Additional Storage Programme