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Overview of the year’s main achievements

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Achievements in science, technology and medicine

  • The Library collaborated with the US Department of Energy to create a global science gateway. The online portal consolidates open access scientific research from almost 60 countries. It enables researchers to search over 50 national databases simultaneously, giving free access to authoritative information on cutting-edge scientific research.
  • An innovative web interface was showcased, improving access to UK PubMed Central, the UK’s largest free online life sciences resource. More than 1.7 million full-text, peer-reviewed biomedical research articles and more than 19 million other life science research papers are available free to the UK biomedical and health research community.
  • Talk Science eventTalkScience discussion evenings hosted by the British Library provided opportunities for researchers from academia and industry to debate topical issues with policy makers, research funders, publishers and all those with a stake in science. Themes included ‘Scientific findings in a digital world: What is the genuine article?’, ‘Personal GenoME and Medicine: Hype or Reality?’ and ‘GM crops and food security: curing the world’s growing pains?’

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