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Executive Team and Structure

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Frances Brindle

Director, Strategic Marketing and Communications

"We have been delighted with the success of our major exhibitions this year, attracting more than 90,000 first-time visitors."

Frances Brindle

Making our collections available for all to use and enjoy is a priority for our public and learning programmes and we have been delighted with the success of our major exhibitions this year, attracting more than 90,000 first-time visitors. It was also particularly satisfying to end the year with the acquisition of the 17th century journal of naval pioneer Sir John Narbrough.

In the challenging financial climate, the report Supporting Economic Growth 2007-2009 showed the important role played by the Business & IP Centre in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses; more people than ever are now using the Centre and we have seen footfall almost double in the past year.

Our Learning Programme has been particularly successful, with the launch of the Timeline, and traffic to the Learning website was up by more than 400,000 visitors against target.

We have also cemented some key partnerships. The Library joined forces with the BBC in a Memorandum of Understanding to broaden public access to their archives. Internationally, an agreement with the Arts and Humanities Research Council will help us to build stronger bonds between Indian and UK-based research and Higher Education institutions. The Electronic Theses Online Service was another fruitful partnership, giving online access to 250,000 theses produced in UK universities.

Finally the Library remained at the forefront of the debate about how best to equip Britain for a digital future. We hosted the Digital Britain Summit, and positioned us as a leading voice for education and research in the debate on intellectual property.


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