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Executive Team and Structure

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Phil Spence

Director, Scholarship and Collections

"During 2009/10 the Library had the opportunity to make some very significant acquisitions, enhancing in particular our collections of literary manuscripts, and audio recordings."

Phil Spence

The staff of Scholarship and Collections continue to deliver exceptionally high quality projects and innovations across a very diverse range of specialisms and activities. In 2009/10, the expertise of our curators and conservators made an enormous contribution to the success of the Library’s two major exhibitions, Henry VIII: Man and Monarch and Points of View: Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs. This year has also seen the successful launches of a number of new services and resources, including the Preservation Advisory Centre, the UK Web Archive, the Management and Business Studies Portal, and the e-Manuscripts server, to name but a few.

During 2009/10 the Library had the opportunity to make some very significant acquisitions, enhancing in particular our collections of literary manuscripts and audio recordings. The acquisition of the archive of British writer, thinker and critic, John Berger, closely followed by the acquisition of the archive of experimental novelist, Eva Figes, has helped to further augment the Library’s reputation as the world's pre-eminent collection of archival resources for the study and appreciation of English literature. The acquisition of over 800 digital recordings from the original shellac discs held in the Berliner Lautarchiv adds an exceptional research resource to the Library’s Sound Archive. The recordings, made in exceptional circumstances in German prisoner of war camps during the Second World War, include the oldest known collection of English dialect sound recordings in existence.


Collection Care

  • Conservation
  • Preservation
  • Conservation Research and Training
  • Storage and Security
  • Digital Preservation

European and American Collections

  • European Collections
  • American Collections
  • Eccles Centre for American Studies
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Philatelic

British Collections

  • British and Early Printed Collections
  • Western Manuscripts
  • Sound Archive
  • Newspaper collections
  • Legal deposit
  • Web archiving
  • Moving image collections
  • Loans registry

Social Science Collections and Research

  • Official Publications
  • Politics and International Studies
  • Management Studies and Economics
  • Business and Intellectual Property
  • Social Policy, Sociology, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Socio-linguistics and Education
  • Human Geography, Anthropology and Food Studies
  • Law and Socio-legal Studies

Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections

  • India Office Records
  • East Asian Records
  • South and South-East Asian Collections
  • Near and Middle East Collections
  • Western Language Collections
  • Visual Materials
  • International Dunhuang Project
  • Endangered Archives Project

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