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Delivering our strategic priorities

Progress against 2009/10 commitments and report
on key funding projects

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Connect our users with content

Enhance access to the Library’s digital material by extending the scope of our resource discovery system to new content including newspapers, journal articles, audio and the web archive

Search Our Catalogue Version 2.1 was released on schedule in June 2009, delivering enhanced newspaper title display as well as improved information on shelfmarks. It also improved access to displays of supplementary images of book covers and abstract information.

During the year further improvements have included additional Web 2.0 functionality to the Library’s catalogue via PRIMO, the Library’s Resource Discovery system, including data from the British Library Sound Archive and UK Web Archive; remote journal access services, the infrastructure required to harvest e-journals metadata from the Digital Library System; and access to a selection of dataset records and Integrated Archives and Manuscripts data. Work is continuing on the integration of PRIMO with the Library’s Digital Store.

Pilot the creation of scanned metadata as an alternative to cataloguing

Initial costs have been assessed and processes designed for our Boston Spa site in West Yorkshire where Bibliographic Data Services have processed 12,500 records.  Since the start of the pilot, 22,000 records have been added to our catalogue. A tender process has been completed to finalise the processing of English language material. The pilot results have been analysed and a business case developed in support of operational services for 2010/11. Funding has been secured and the operation will be known as NETCAT (Networked Cataloguing).

We have validated our approach to the creation and use of surrogates, with new operational processes developed and implemented for data handling and integration into Library workflows. We have improved our scanning software to better support targeting of appropriate backlog material.

Continue to develop an integrated system for the provision of access to the Library’s archives and manuscripts

With the overall aim to make over one million records of archives and manuscripts holdings accessible to researchers, the resource discovery service for the Integrated Archives and Manuscript System (IAMS) went live in October as planned. The number of areas cataloguing directly in IAMS continues to increase with 3,500 records newly catalogued by the end of the year. The data migration from existing catalogues to IAMS was on track with 176,000 catalogue entries and 86,000 name authority entries. Records continue to be harvested into ‘Search our Catalogue: Archives and Manuscripts’ and the user interface has been improved and management information reporting has been completed.

Integrate Web 2.0 approaches more deeply into the Library’s website and online discovery tools to improve the user experience
Notes, tagging, favourites and personal galleries features went live on the Online Gallery, as well as an enhanced description and interpretation of the content to enable users to engage more closely with the site. In the Points of View: Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs exhibition we offered a blend of invited expert comments and contributions in the Gallery and via Online Gallery Web 2.0 features.

Archival Sound Recordings saw Google maps ‘mashups’ introduced and 'UK Sound Map' enhancement was developed in partnership with the Audioboo microblogging site, which allows the upload of user-generated audio. During the year, our Facebook fan-base rose by 238% to 10,584; twitter followers reached 33,639, including 564% growth in the final quarter; seven new blogs were developed; blog page hits were up by 75% and Podcast downloads up by 319% on 2008/09.

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