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Delivering our strategic priorities

Progress against 2009/10 commitments and report
on key funding projects

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Integrate storage and preservation of physical collections

Implement the Collection Security Workplan to safeguard and steward the national collection and enhance the security of vulnerable material

Progress has been made against all actions set out in the Collection Security Workplan by the new Collection Security Steering Group and the Operational Group, including a collection lifecycle tour at Boston Spa which increased overall understanding of collection risk issues. A revised work plan for 2010/11 has been created to reflect budget challenges, ongoing and continuous improvement projects and embed collection security within existing departmental budgets.

Begin relocating collection items to the newly built, high-density book storage facility at Boston Spa and commence retrieval and delivery services

The world's most advanced library storage facility was officially opened at the British Library's Boston Spa site in West Yorkshire during December 2009. The Additional Storage Building (ASB) combines a range of cutting-edge technologies to offer 262 kilometres of temperature and humidity-controlled storage space, and will eventually house approximately seven million items from the UK national collection.

After initial delays early in the year, due to problems with the supplier’s delivery of necessary containers, the container and book transfer into the ASB subsequently picked up speed faster than was originally planned and the consequential impact on the collection move sequence resulted in a three month rolling extension of our lease of the Woolwich building.

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