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Delivering our strategic priorities

Progress against 2009/10 commitments and report
on key funding projects

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Develop as an organisation

Continue to develop and implement integrated Talent Development and Succession planning framework

As well as implementing the actions outlined on the previous talent review, we have developed a talent management strategy for next year and beyond. A number of Development Centres and the Organisation Talent Review ran successfully. The Directorate talent review process was assessed and new software developed to manage campaigns in 2010/11.

In addition, the Library has offered five future Jobs Fund placements in a New Deal of The Mind Consortium Bid.

Continue to develop and implement the Library’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy which supports the quality of life of the workforce and impacts positively on the community, wider society and the environment

The first annual report on Corporate Social Responsibility was published this year. The Library chose READ International to be our Corporate Community Initiative for 2009/10, offering our expertise, volunteering shows, and providing a database for this charity that collects books and distributes them to Tanzania.

Our local community work continued apace and we successfully hosted the Camden Education Business Partnership Volunteering End of Year Event, as well as a host of Black History month activities. A Green Champion group has been formed with support from Cofely, following on from the Energy Awareness Days held across the Library in the summer, and the Library was awarded Gold in the London Green500 accreditation for its improved energy use.

Continue to develop and implement the Library’s Diversity Strategy to build a diverse workforce and increase engagement with wider communities

We have delivered the Disability, Race, Gender Equality Annual Reports, and the new three-year Disability and Mental Health Action Plans, together with the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (ECNI) Progress report on Diversity. Preparations are under way for the next three-year Gender, Transgender and Sexual Orientation Action Plans and for Race Equality Benchmarking which will further prepare the Library. We have also kept abreast of developments of the Equality Bill which has become the Equality Act 2010.

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