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Action Plan for 2010/11

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St Pancras Reading Room

Action Plan for 2010/11

We have an innovative and exciting programme to deliver. We present below some of the important activities we aim to have completed by 2011, set against our seven strategic priorities. We will report progress and achievements in our Annual Report for 2010/11.

Capture extensively and store UK digital publications

  • Continue to work towards arrangements for legal deposit, storage and preservation of e-publications.
  • Increase the awareness and effectiveness of our web archiving activities.

Connect our users with content

  • Significantly improve discovery of content and ease of use of our website at; increase our web user satisfaction rating by at least 5%.
  • Open a new Learning Space at St Pancras and deliver 1.4 million visitors to the Learning website.

Transform access and preservation for newspapers

  • Continue to implement the plan for a dedicated newspaper storage building at Boston Spa and improved digital access to newspapers at our St Pancras site in London, working in partnership with online publisher brightsolid and the newspaper industry.
  • Digitise at least 500,000 pages of newspapers by the end of 2010/11.

Support UK research with innovative services and integrated processes

  • Deliver our exhibition Growing Knowledge: the Evolution of Research, which will demonstrate and explore uses of innovative technology in the research and knowledge economy, engaging with the research community.
  • Develop and deliver a health and social care information service together with third sector partners.
  • Develop and implement a strategy to provide and make accessible research data in the Social Sciences and in Science, Technology and Medicine (STM).
  • Continue to develop the Research Information Centre in partnership with Microsoft which will provide an enhanced online environment to support the information needs of a wider group of STM researchers.
  • Develop and deliver a prototype online British Library service to support the research information needs of the environmental sciences community, including scientists, policy makers and funders.
  • Continue to engage with the World Collections Programme which aims to share British cultural and curatorial expertise with institutions particularly in Asia.

Build our digital infrastructure

  • Continue to develop the digital library system to provide storage, preservation and long-term access to digital material.
  • Develop and introduce more effective and efficient services for document order and delivery, in partnership with the Higher Education Funding Council for England and university libraries.

Integrate storage and preservation of physical collections

  • Complete the re-location of collection items from London to the Library’s new state-of-the-art storage facility at Boston Spa.
  • Exit our leasehold storage premises at Woolwich, Islington and Colindale by March 2011.

Develop as an organisation

  • Continue to develop and implement the Library’s Diversity Strategy to build a diverse workforce and increase engagement with wider communities; deliver improved performance assessments after internal and external benchmarking exercises.
  • Complete the re-organisation of the Scholarship and Collections Directorate, ensuring our curatorial teams are fully equipped to embrace opportunities within the digital environment.
  • Launch our vision for 2020, setting out what it means to be a great library in 2020.
  • Develop and begin to implement our corporate strategy for 2011-14, in the context of the challenging economic climate and our vision for 2020.

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