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Revelation Plus

Information on the project funded in 2003 through the Full Disclosure programme

The purpose of this CURL-led cross-institutional project was to add to the work carried out within the framework of the RSLP retrospective conversion projects: Revelation: Unlocking Research Resources for 19th and 20th Century Church History and Christian Theology and, to a certain extent, 19th Century Pamphlets by (a) creating an additional 5,000 or so electronic bibliographic records describing material from eight collections of printed material that focus on a number of Christian denominations, churches and movements; (b) adding the missing - four in all - collection-level descriptions for these collections on the already existing Revelation Database, which is hosted and maintained by Information Services at the University of Birmingham.
The collections included focus on different aspects of the Christian faith from the Middle Ages up to the present times, as embodied by a number of Christian denominations, churches and movements, namely: Anglicanism, the Catholic Apostolic Church, the Franciscan order, Quakerism, Unitarianism and the Radical Orthodox Movement. All the records conform to AACR2, MARC, LCSH and the CURL Minimum Standards for Bibliographic Records and were completed in March 04. They are searchable by all, free of charge, on the Internet via the partner libraries' online catalogues, as well as via the COPAC service (, as is currently the case with the 142,646 records produced by the initial Revelation project. All the created collection-level descriptions are searchable by all, free of charge, on the Revelation Database. Physical access to the collections is granted to all researchers and other users engaged in serious study, whether university-based or not.

Lead Institution: Consortium of Research Libraries

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