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Full Disclosure in the South West

This page gives the details of recent meetings and announcements relating to the Full Disclosure initiative in the South West

SWMLAC offices, Creech Castle, Taunton

Making Sense of Full Disclosure

MLA Council is funding a series of Full Disclosure workshops around the English regions. The SWMLAC workshop will be held at the SWMLAC offices, Taunton, from 10.30 to 4.30 (date to be announced). A sandwich lunch will be provided. Admission is free but space is limited. Please note that priority will be given to speakers and attendees from the South West.

Aims of the workshop

Promote the benefits and successes of retroconversion projects. In order to strengthen the arguments for future Full Disclosure projects, it is important to demonstrate the progress of the initiative, highlighting benefits and pitfalls, and the impact on use of collections and on research.

Promote better awareness of Full Disclosure. While any project to make a collection catalogue available online can be seen as a Full Disclosure project, often the phrase does not occur on the project's web site. How do we get the message across?

Build a community of Full Disclosure "champions". We want to develop a network of contacts in the Museums, Libraries and Archives community who are aware of potential Full Disclosure projects within their local areas and within their specialist fields. How do we keep in touch?

Encourage cross domain and cross sectoral collaborations. Working together enhances the value of individual collections, and can reduce the risk of overlapping work. Collaborative ventures can also be more cost effective than separate, stand alone projects.

Explore funding opportunities. What is the best way to attract funding, and what funding bodies are out there?

The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss projects with the above points in mind. We welcome papers lasting not more than 15 minutes describing current or completed Full Disclosure projects.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please e-mail Tom Miles giving your organisation, address and daytime telephone number.

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