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Develop as an organisation

Continue to develop and implement the Library’s Diversity Strategy to build a diverse workforce and increase engagement with wider communities; deliver improved performance assessments after internal and external benchmarking exercises.


We have had a busy year delivering Annual Reports for Disability, Gender and Race Equality as well as starting our new Disability, Gender and Race Action Plans. We are pleased that the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland Annual Report has shown positive performances against all action plan areas and external benchmarking.


Complete the re-organisation of the Scholarship and Collections Directorate, ensuring our curatorial teams are fully equipped to embrace opportunities within the digital environment.


During 2009/10 the Scholarship and Collections Directorate underwent a review and restructure which is now in place and already proving the benefits of such significant change. The Directorate is responsible for developing the Library’s content across the arts and humanities, and social sciences – in all formats and languages, and from all periods. Our teams engage with researchers to understand and anticipate their needs and develop relevant tools for research facilitation, ensuring the Library has the appropriate collections and links with other organisations to meet these needs now and in the future. Staff within the Directorate contribute to the interpretation and exploitation of the collections – from dealing with specialist enquiries in reading rooms, curatorial and conservator input to exhibitions and other public programmes, to developing and managing digital projects. The teams also have primary responsibility for the preservation and conservation of the Library’s collections – in paper, book, and digital formats.


Launch our vision for 2020, setting out what it means to be a great library in 2020.


Extensive consultation with stakeholders across all sectors culminated in an organisational roadmap to 2020 which was further developed into our 2020 Vision.

We launched the vision in September 2010 at the Woodstock Independent Literary Festival and included the themes as a key feature of the Growing Knowledge exhibition. Significant downturn in the economic climate and the reduced settlements from the Comprehensive Spending Review in October influenced our focus as we developed the strategic priorities for the period 2011–15. Growing Knowledge: The British Library's Strategy 2011–2015 was published in February, identifying our five strategic priorities and what we aim to achieve by 2015, reflecting our aims and aspirations for the next decade but also the economic environment we face today.

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