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WiFi in the British Library: Terms of Use

What WiFi facilities do we offer?

  1. Our WiFi facility is only available to registered users of the Library. Before you can use the WiFi facility you must register with us.
  2. Our WiFi facility is free of charge.
  3. We do not offer a WiFi print facility.
  4. We cannot guarantee that our facility will be available at all times.
  5. Our staff cannot provide technical assistance to enable you to make use of our WiFi facility.

About Our WiFi facility

  1. Our network is unsecured and information sent over the network may be visible to others. It is your responsibility to make sure that you use our WiFi facility safely by using up to date antivirus and other security software and encrypt data which you do not want others to see.

  2. We cannot guarantee that our facility will be compatible with your equipment or software.

  3. Our connection speeds are affected by the number of users and their online activity. We cannot guarantee any particular speed or quality of facility. We reserve the right to restrict certain activities, such as gaming and media streaming, if our facility slows down significantly.

  4. We monitor all public network use which may include keeping records of your browsing activity. As an Internet Facility Provider we may have to share this information with the police and other authorities. We will always comply with the Data Protection Act when sharing your personal information. However, we cannot always inform you when we do this, and you should be aware that we are not under any legal obligation to notify you.

  5. Think carefully before you sending important personal information such as credit card details using our facility, and do so only using encryption software. For further information about online security, you can find advice about sending information securely and safely from the Information Commission at: or We will not accept liability for any loss you suffer as a result of sending such information using our WiFi facility.

  6. We do not accept responsibility for the safety of your equipment, software and data. You use our WiFi facility entirely at your own risk, and we will not accept any liability for any loss of any kind that may arise from your use of it and/or for the transmission of any viruses, spyware or malware to your device.

  7. We block access to some websites using filtering software. This software may not always prevent access to inappropriate information and images. If you request access to a blocked site, it will be entirely at the discretion of our staff whether to allow access. Please be aware that arranging this takes time, so we cannot guarantee that our staff will be able to meet your request.

  8. If you access a site which you believe is unsuitable, please report this to a member of staff so that we can assess the site in question.

Your responsibilities

  1. You must not modify our software or bypass or modify any filter or firewall, restriction or security measure of ours.

  2. You must use your own username and password to access our WiFi facility.

  3. You may only plug your device into electric sockets which have been specifically designated for this purpose and you must ensure that your cables do not cause a safety hazard.

  4. You must not:

    1. Attempt to gain unauthorised access to any device, network, system or data file, or engage in any illegal activities, including sending out spam emails. We will report any use of our WiFi facility for criminal activity to the police.

    2. Use our WiFi facility for any activity which is in connected with, supports or advocates terrorism. We will report such activity to the police and other authorities.

    3. Search for or view pornographic, obscene, violent or racist information or images or abusive or inappropriate images of children, or use obscene, racist or offensive search terms.

    4. Send emails or SMS or post social media content or use our facility for any other activity which is offensive, racist or obscene. We will report such activity to the police.

    5. Use our WiFi facility to infringe anyone else’s copyright or other intellectual property rights.

    6. This means that you may only use our facility to download and/or copy data and images as permitted by the websites on which they are posted. You may not contravene the terms of anyone’s user software or content user licence using our WiFi facility, or use software or Apps designed to download digital content in breach of anyone else’s rights, or which enables you to circumvent or reverse engineer any privacy settings or other safeguards embedded in digital content to protect the owner’s legal rights.

  5. We do not allow use of pirated software, music, videos, films or any other data or images using our WiFi facility.

By using our WiFi facility, you accept these conditions of use. If you do not comply with them, your right to use the Library, our computers and our WiFi facility may be withdrawn.


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