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Library Conservation News (1983-1997) index

The NPO Journal was preceded by Library Conservation News (1983-1997). Photocopies of articles are available free of charge. Please consult the index below and contact us to order.

ConservationAkers Robert CCamberwell: the international dimension26
ConservationClark R J H & Peter J GibbsA Non-Intrusive In Situ study of a 13th century Byzantine/Syriac Gospel Lectionary54/55
ConservationClark SusiePreservation of herbarium specimens19
ConservationCopeland PeterSound recordings on optical discs38
ConservationDerben PeterBinding a collection of herbarium specimens38
ConservationJacobs DavidA simple form of book support33
ConservationLawson PeterPalm leaf books and their conservation16/17
ConservationMcCrady EllenWood is good20
ConservationMitchell MichaelVictorian movable toy books35
ConservationNovotny DeborahConference on book and paper conservation30
ConservationOwen D AThe McLeod Collator. Your friendly bibliographical aid26
ConservationRalston NikkiConservation of Parchment and Vellum54/55
ConservationRees EilunedCadw'r gair: keeping the word9
ConservationRees EilunedConservation conversation-piece34
ConservationRoullier K EThe Institute of Paper Conservation Conference 1-4 April 199236
ConservationSilver Jeremy & Lloyd StickellsPreserving sound recordings at the British Library National Sound Archive13
ConservationThomas SylviaThe Wakefield Court rolls37
ConservationToulet JeanThe restoration of books. A French perspective: Part 111
ConservationToulet JeanThe restoration of books. A French perspective: Part 212
ConservationWard Alan & P CopelandFreeze-drying of tapes34
ConservationWarden Linda & J KingsleyA stitch in time36
ConservationWilliams JoanMusic manuscripts at Hereford Cathedral Library52
ConservationWoods MariaThe Case for casing14
Conservation Electronic Beowulf a winner47
Conservation ABTAPL Spring Conference 198924
Conservation Saving treasures from Captain Cook's voyages6
Conservation Ultrasonic documentation encapsulation unit5
Conservation Leafcasting at the National Library of Wales24
Conservation Leafcasting at National Library of Scotland8
Conservation Quantification of colour alteration and fading of inks handwritten manuscripts3
Conservation Inflatable globe45
Conservation Conservation at Wolfenbuttel8
Conservation Progress report on a study of the qualities of Japanese repair papers6
Conservation Prospective preservation3
Conservation Treating infested paper with ionising radiation8
Conservation US sets standard for permanent paper7
Conservation Biocatalysts remove lignin from wood pulp9
Conservation Ultrasonic polyester welding machine7
Conservation Leather Conservation Centre Northampton54/55
Conservation BL sweeps the board: NLS's Bookbinding Prize50
Con/ConferenceRees EilunedConservation supplies and services18
Con/Conference Conservation conference in Wales6
Con/PaperCollings T J & D W MilnerPaper and paper making. Part 1: the search for fibre29
Con/PaperKing EdNew hope for decayed paper: Preserving the word12
Con/PaperKing EdNew hope for decayed paper: an update25
Con/PaperLawson PeterKozo: not a paper but a fibre25
Con/PaperMarshall VanessaEuropean meeting on paper preservation: recommendations54/55
Con/PaperMehmet ShadReport from the iron gall ink corrosion workshop 16-17 June 199754/55
Con/PaperWendelbo OysteinThe Enzymatic scalpel10
Con/PaperWestern MikeNew directions in paper conservation12
Con/Paper The international standard for permanent paper accepted41/42
Con/Paper Ionising radiation and paper10
Con/Paper Paper conservation at UMIST6
Con/Paper Paper deterioration in Japan4
Con/PhotoBrowne MarkEarly photograph albums and their contents - conservation and ethical problems43
Con/PhotoBrowne MarkThe perfect image: photographs their past present and future 6-10 April 1992 Windermere36
Con/PhotoHolme-Barnett HelenPhotographic seminar31
Con/PhotoMoor Ian & Angela AtlantisSilversafe photostore. A suitable paper for photographic conservation30
Con/PhotoRhys-Lewis JonathanAlternative approaches to photographic conservation31
Con/UKNeale FrancesConservation of Tudor account books at Wells Cathedral46
Con/UKSchachter NicholasConservation in British libraries: impressions of a recent visitor from Canada41/42
Con/BindingBull WilliamAn early 20th century Indian bookbinding10
Con/BindingBull WilliamAn 17th century Ethiopic bookbinding8
Con/BindingBull WilliamAn 18th century Indian ledger bookbinding18
Con/BindingParker TonyFreeze-drying of vellum33
Con/BindingWatkin AlanLibrary rebinding - a suitable case for attention41/42
Con/Binding Bookbindings old and new9
Con/Binding Bound to win24
Con/Binding The Conservation of bookbinding leather11
Con/Binding Domesday Book to be rebound7
Con/Binding First aid for books3
Con/India A visit to southern India11
Con/New Emergency conservation in New Zealand7
FundraisingChapman PatriciaThe balloon goes up!16
FundraisingDyson BryanA little help can go a long way40
FundraisingKenna StephanieThe National Conservation Trust32
FundraisingKenna StephanieArts Minister launches National Conservation Trust26
FundraisingKenna StephanieApplying for a grant39
FundraisingKenna StephanieThe Wolfson Grant to the British Library30
FundraisingLomax JoanneA Guide to Additional Sources of Funding and Revenue for Libraries and Archives54/55
FundraisingMace Angela & C CoatesGrants for preservation. Case histories39
FundraisingSzkuta MagdaPolish Libraries Appeal for Aid54/55
FundraisingWoolgar C E Gray, AThe Peninsular War refought Steel37
Fundraising Mining library appeal1
Fundraising Marks & Spencer feted at the BL45
Fundraising Conservation grants to Cathedral libraries52
Fundraising Generous grant speeds supply of archive material to India5
Bibliography British Book Design exhibition10
Bibliography German book wrappers around 190010
MicrofilmingLauder JenniferScottish microfilming unit is launched46
NPOFerris ValerieTo boldly go: a new look for the NPO50
NPOKenna S & V MarshallThe BL Research and Innovation Centre & the NPO: Development of the Preservation Research Programme54/55
NPOOvenden RichardTowards the 21st century: NPO Conference 28 April 199754/55
NPO British Library to set up Preservation Advisory Centre6
NPOJackson MarieA decade of achievement: a review of the NPO50
NPOPeople 50
PreservationElkington NancyResearch Libraries Group's collaborative model for interinstitutional preservation49
Pres Electronic mediaFox PeterDigital archiving - Emerging practice54/55
Pres ManagementBarnard BobThe Way ahead26
Pres ManagementBellingham Katy & Joanne HileAustralia's Preservation Advisory Centre: from national coordination to grassroots preservation45
Pres ManagementChild BobFumigation and the Rentokil 'bubble'32
Pres ManagementCook L PStamp pads and their inks12
Pres Managementde Lusenet YolaEuropean Commission on Preservation and Access54/55
Pres ManagementDungworth NaomiA Collection Survey Method for Assessing Preservation Needs in Libraries and Archives54/55
Pres ManagementEden Paul & John FeatherDeveloping a National Preservation Strategy: Policies and Practices in Archives and Record Offices54/55
Pres ManagementEden Paul, John Feather & G MatthewsPreserving materials - saving resources? or not preserving can damage your wealth40
Pres ManagementFeather John, G Mathews & Paul EdenPreservation management in Britain: present practice and future strategy49
Pres ManagementForde HelenDomesday Book - 90011
Pres ManagementFrench DavidThe Atlantis 'Plant System'32
Pres ManagementFrench DavidShock resistant storage for fragile materials28
Pres ManagementGrimwood-Jones DianaA report of the LA Conference14
Pres ManagementJackson MariePreservation policies: the choices25
Pres ManagementJewitt CrispinDeveloping Conspectus23
Pres ManagementKing EdBritish Library book preservation process35
Pres ManagementLawson PeterFreezing as a means of pest control20
Pres ManagementLeigh DavidA focus for conservation22
Pres ManagementLine MauriceConservation or exploitation2
Pres ManagementMainwaring MarkThe third library building at the National Library of Wales: a state of the art storage facility52
Pres ManagementManning Ralph WCanadian cooperative preservation43
Pres ManagementMatthews GrahamPreservation of Russian and Soviet materials in British libraries33
Pres ManagementMortimer DeirdreThe incunabula collection in York Minster Library52
Pres ManagementNiederer Karl JCollection care and the microenvironment20
Pres ManagementPollock MichaelSurveying the collections21
Pres ManagementRattee ColinWorth a 1000 words23
Pres ManagementSchoolley-West R FPhilatelic conservation13/14
Pres ManagementShaw-Ridler JohnThe Essex initiative28
Pres ManagementTurner JohnConservation where?34
Pres ManagementWakeling IanConserving Children's social history41/42
Pres ManagementWinsor PeterThe Conservation Information Network31
Pres ManagementWinsor Peter & R GreenblattOn the record with the Conservation Register27
Pres Management A New initiative by the Library Association5
Pres Management Glasgow University Library wins NPO competition24
Pres Management Preventative conservation4
Pres Management British Library Preservation Service3
Pres Management Conservation in British Libraries4
Pres Management Columbia conservation programs10
Pres Management Aberystwyth: using new technology26
Pres Management The Achilles heel of conservation13
Pres Management Conservation and collection management17
Pres Management Conservation: everybody's business4
Pres Management Library Association seminar on conservation6
Pres Management Nottingham: skill makes for success26
Pres Management Code of ethics for conservators2
Pres Management Exhibition at Corpus Christi10
Pres Management Getty Trust to establish conservation information system3
Pres Management Conservation in the India Office Library and Records2
Pres Management Results of conservation survey3
Pres Management Conservation Management2
Pres Management National Film Archive's nitrate problem1
Pres Management Preservation guidelines11
Pres Management A prize for a policy20
Pres Management Stopping the rot: a decade of preservation progress44
Pres ManagementJewitt CrispinConspectus. A Means to Library Cooperation22
PM Australia Conservation treatment data base3
PM CambridgeHadgraft NicholasThe Parker Library Conservation project 1983-198924
PM ConservationDahlo RolfPreventing future needs for conservation25
PM Conservation Progress on mass deacidification facility11
PM Electronic mediaMacKenzie GeorgePreservation of electronic media38
PM IrelandFox PeterPreservation of library materials in Ireland17
PM LightingMeehan BernardIlluminating the Book of Kells20
PM LightingParker A EFlexible light guides15
PM NetherlandsJensen HansThe Preservation Advisory Centre of the Netherlands46
PM New MediaAlston RobertThe Smithsonian project. Image capture and retrieval9
PM New MediaMarshall VanessaDLM-Forum on Electronic Records: Brussels 18-20 December 199654/55
PM New MediaRees EilunedTechnology in the library15
PM New MediaWilman HughConservation copying: the image digitiser10
PM New Media British Library compact disc10
PM New Media New technology at the British Library1
PM New Media Optical disk pilot program at LC3
PM North America A Preservation visit to North America by BL staff5
PM PaperDahlo RolfCold storage37
PM PaperJackson MarieEC moves on acid paper34
PM Paper Toward permanent paper9
PM ScotlandHutton BrianPreserving Scotland's heritage19
PM Surrogacy Preservation and technology21
PM WalesRees EilunedWales and the preservation problem18
PM HungaryBorsa GedeonPreservation of historic library materials in Hungary15
PM DisasterEden PaulDisaster management in British Libraries48
PM DisasterEden Paul & Graham MatthewsCoping with disasters in libraries47
PM DisasterHill RobertRisk Management25
PM DisasterHill RobertSalvage on the move16
PM DisasterMatthews Graham & Paul EdenGuidelines on disaster management51
PM DisasterMcIntyre JohnConservation and disaster recovery30
PM DisasterPrice RobinPreparing for disaster3
PM DisasterWise ChristineThe flood and afterwards: a new beginning for the Fawcett Library48
PM Disaster Aberystwyth area disaster plan7
PM Disaster Disaster control 'blueprint'8
PM Disaster Disaster planning4
PM Disaster Disaster planning in England, Wales and Scotland6
PM Disaster Disaster plan workbook10
PM Disaster Disaster prevention1
PM DisasterPanone CarolyneIn the face of adversity: Kells Library51
PM HungaryKastaly BeatrixPreservation and conservation of library materials in Hungary28
PM Japan Conservation in Japan14
PM KarachiBarnard MarkConservation of the Sind government archives21
PM North America Conservation Profile - Library of Congress4
PM SheffieldJanuszonok TeresaConservation in Sheffield27
PM TrainingBarnard MarkWorkshop in Rangoon8
PM TrainingBarrett AnneHands-on book repair seminar University of London libraries37
PM TrainingBerekely NickChemistry course for paper conservators York32
PM TrainingClarke ReginaldProblems for conservation. The Main Library University of the W Indies & St Augustine44
PM TrainingDowning AliceTraining conservators in Western Ireland21
PM TrainingForde HelenSetting up a conservation workshop35
PM TrainingHarvard-Williams PeterConservation in library and information science education10
PM TrainingRoy GillianThe Camberwell paper conservation degrees36
PM Training Summer school in conservation7
PM Training Summer school in conservation14
PM Training Training Conservators in Australia3
PM Training Workshop in Taipei7
SecurityClarke ReginaldConstruction-related threats to library collections: University of the West Indies51
SecurityKoster ChrisTheft and loss from UK libraries: a public librarian's view39
SecurityPodmore HazelNational conference on library security32
SecuritySimpson BillTheft and loss from UK libraries: an academic librarian's view39
Security (fire)Donnelly HeleneArson and school libraries40
Security (fire)Ferris ValerieFire protection: how safe is your organisation?51
SurrogatingFerris ValerieDon't film if you're not recording it!22
SurrogatingFoot MirjamThe European Register of microform masters46
SurrogatingHarrisson ElizabethMicroforms in libraries. The untapped resource38
SurrogatingKingsley Jane & Linda WardenThe Mellon Microfilming Project: the James Beart Simonds Collection48
SurrogatingKirtley TobySetting up a preservation microfilming programme36
SurrogatingPodmore HazelPrestigious award presented to BL microfilming expert (Terry Ilbury)47
SurrogatingPodmore HazelA layby on the superhighway47
SurrogatingWilman HughThe British Library overhead photocopier6
SurrogatingWilman HughCopying books without damage18
SurrogatingWilman HughElectroluminiscent copying8
Surrogating Maps on microfiche3
Surrogating Microfilming projects in progress5
Surrogating Photofiching9
Surrogating Microfilming of WWI Documents54/55
Surrogating CopyrightCornish GrahamCopyright digitisation and preservation53
Surrogating N/papersGibb IanNewspapers. Preservation and access17
Surrogating N/papersJohansson EveNewsplan25
Surrogating N/papers Conservation microfilming of newspapers3
Surrogating N/papers Newspaper preservation. A major symposium13
Surrogating N/papers Newsplan. Report issued12
Surrogating NPOKirtley TobyPreservation and digitisation: principles practice and policies. The 1996 NPO Conference53

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