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The links to the presentations below go directly to the UK Web Archive.

  • Evolution or revolution? The changing face of collection care
    Preserving our heritage collections whilst enabling and encouraging engagement with them is increasingly challenging. Heritage professionals came together for this two day international conference to exchange ideas and to challenge mind-sets.
  • Emergency planning
    Emma Dadson from Harwell Restoration Services and Sarah Hamlyn from the British Library led this webinar on effective emergency planning. Their presentations and a list of additional resources have been uploaded to our website.
  • Getting started in digital preservation
    Digital preservation is an issue which all organisations will need to address sooner or later. These seminars are designed to equip collection managers, archivists, librarians and conservators with the skills necessary for getting started in digital preservation.
  • Archives at risk 
    This seminar considered the risks highlighted by the British Records Association?s recent report on archives and records at risk and the proposals it made for further co-ordinated work to enhance the collection and preservation of both digital and traditional archive formats.
  • Knowing the need and optimising the preservation of library and archive collections
    Following the launch of the second report on the state of preservation in libraries and archives in the UK and Republic of Ireland, this one day conference focussed on getting more bang for your buck in the management and application of preservation strategy.
  • In safe hands? Guaranteeing our collections for future generations
    This one day seminar examined how research libraries are addressing collections issues in terms of decision making, risk assessment and prioritisation. Topics covered included disposal, the national collection, and using digital surrogates as a preservation strategy.
  • Cold storage
    The use of cold storage is well-established as a strategy for preserving rapidly degrading materials. This seminar featured presentations and discussion on aspects of cold storage with particular reference to the British Library’s experience and research into cold storage for cellulose acetate film.
  • Impact: measuring the impact of collection care
    This one-day conference questioned what we seek to achieve from collection care activities, now and in the future, how we communicate our goals, and whether we have the evidence and metrics to effectively support the arguments we make.
  • Dare to share
    This one day conference examined how libraries and other research institutions can benefit from integrating preservation into broader, long-term collections management strategies, with a particular emphasis on collaborative preservation ventures.
  • Decoding the digital
    This conference provided an introduction for the uninitiated and gave those involved in the technological support of digital preservation an opportunity to learn how collections are developed and used.
  • Advocacy, evidence, support
    With increased pressure on resources and many organisations facing funding cuts it can be difficult to make the case for long-term, core activities such as preservation. These events focused on the challenges of advocating for long-term collection care.
  • Doing more for less? Forum on skills development
    Set against the backdrop of an uncertain economic climate and gloomy forecasts for both training and collection care activities, the forum explored the skills needed to care for today?s collections and approaches for developing skills with limited resources.

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