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What we do

We are responsible for protecting and preserving the Library’s vast collections and their assets, and enabling them to be used, experienced and interpreted. We support exhibitions, loans, digital projects, and reader services and are guided by conservation ethics and principles and our prevailing corporate strategies and vision.

We undertake

  • quality management and priority setting
  • external contract management
  • conservation and treatments
    • consultations for long-term care strategies, boxing, book conservation, book binding, gold finishing, conservation & treatment of vellum & parchment, paper, prints & drawings, photographs, philatelic materials, modern materials, textiles 
  • digitisation provision
    • conditions assessments, materials preparation, training & invigilation, project management
  • digital preservation research and development
    • file format and tool assessments, collection profiling, project collaboration and risk assessments, best practice guidelines and preservation monitoring.
  • preventive measures
    • preservation copying, integrated pest management, preservation housing, risk assessment and analysis, collections disaster and salvage, environmental monitoring, collections handling and use training 
  • science and research
    • scientific analysis and research, analytical imaging, materials testing
  • capacity building and advocacy
    • guidance booklets, preservation management services, workshops and events, collection care FAQs

You can  more about what we do on the Collection Care blog. We take you behind the scenes into the Centre for Conservation and the Scientific Research Lab to share some of the projects we are working on


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