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DataCite test accounts

If you need to find out the finer details of creating DataCite DOIs, there is an environment in which you can test the process of minting DOIs within your workflow. Here you can also find videos of how the process works, which may show you all you need to know.

Minting DOIs: How-to videos
Testing environment


Minting DOIs and uploading metadata

Updating DOIs

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Testing environment

What is a testing account?

Test is an independent system – a sandbox if you like – where you can fully test how minting DOIs will work. Although it is completely isolated from the live service, it replicates the system and workflow almost exactly.

You will be able to test and mint DOIs as much as you need, but they WILL NOT be persistent. They can be resolved, but they may be periodically over written.

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What can a testing account be used for?

A test account is perfect for projects that would like to look at the process of creating DOIs for data, or for those looking at how DOIs would work with their repository – without any long-term commitment.

The system also runs upcoming versions of the software, so that current users can see if future updates have any implications for their work.

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What are the implications of using a test account?

The test system will work in almost all respects exactly like the live DataCite service. But there are the points you may need to be aware of:

  • DOIs created on the test server are NOT PERSISTENT and so should not be used publicly
  • As this is independent from the ‘live’ DataCite system, DOIs created in testing will not resolve using the usual URL. But there is a specific test system URL that you can use to resolve test DOIs
  • Other than the endpoint you are using to connect to the test machine, the API will function in exactly the same way as the minting DOIs using the live service
  • The data in the test system will occasionally be over-written, but we'll let you know before it happens, so that you can prepare or postpone any phases of testing
  • If you go on to become a data client, you will still be able to use the test system as a sandpit to try out new services

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How can I set up a testing account?

Please contact us to set up a test account and check that it will meet your needs. In order to set up the test system, we will need to know:

  • The email and contact name of the person who will be using the account. Your password and any system emails will be sent to that address.
  • The domain(s) in which your URLs will be located (e.g. ''). You will only be able to mint DOIs to the domains associated with your account – these can be updated or added to at any time.

When the account has been set up, you will be sent a link to create the password – then it’s ready to go!

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How do I use the test system?

Other than the endpoint you are using to connect to the test instance, the API will function in exactly the same way as the minting DOIs using the live service. You can see documentation on this at The videos at the top of this page show you exactly what that looks like!

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I've used the test system, what now?

We would really like to feedback on your experience of using the test – as it reflects the live DataCite service, we can use your comments to improve the system.

If you want to now move on to assigning persistent, live DOIs to your datasets, please contact us and we will discuss how to proceed.

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PDF files

The links below are to Adobe PDF files. Accessibility solutions and free Reader software are available from Adobe.

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