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Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE) explores drivers and barriers to sharing of research data

1 December 2010

Opportunities for Data Exchange (ODE) held its kick-off meeting in Helsinki, Finland on 23-24 November 2010.

ODE will explore the drivers and barriers to the sharing of research data, gain evidence for best practice, and identify opportunities for innovation. As part of the project ODE will produce a collection of inspiring success stories, which will serve to inspire researchers to share their data.

The British Library is a partner in ODE, a two year project co-ordinated by CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and funded under the EU 7th Framework Programme. 

"Data preservation, re-use and exchange is a better investment of taxpayers’ money, as impact of each data set is multiplied. More eyes looking at data makes the breakthroughs we need more likely", said ODE coordinator Dr Salvatore Mele (CERN) at the kick-off meeting.

Dryad UK project funded to develop a repository of data underlying scientific publications, with an initial focus on evolution, ecology, and related fields

6 August 2010

Dryad UK, also funded under JISC's Managing Research Data Programme, will undertake preparative work for the establishment of a persistent repository for bioscience research datasets, linked to the peer-reviewed journal articles they underpin. Dryad UK builds upon the work of Dryad, a US-based repository of data that enables scientists to validate published findings, explore new analysis methodologies, repurpose data, and perform synthetic studies. 

UK partners in the project include Oxford University and the British Library, with participation from the Digital Curation Centre, Charles Beagrie Ltd, and a number of major scientific publishing houses. The director of the project, Dr David Shotton, heads the Image Bioinformatics Research Group at Oxford University, and has been a leader in the application of web technologies to enhance biological research data and publications.

SageCite project funded to test a framework for citation of complex datasets

6 August 2010

SageCite, funded by JISC through the Managing Research Data Programme, will develop and test a citation framework of network models of disease and associated data, linking data, methods and publications. The domain of bioinformatics provides a case study, and the project builds on existing infrastructure and tools: myExperiment and the Sage Commons

Citations of complex network models of disease and associated data will be embedded in leading publications, exploring issues around the citation of data including the compound nature of datasets, description standards and identifiers. The partners are UKOLN, the University of Manchester and the British Library, with contributions from Nature Genetics and PLOS.

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