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Equality and Diversity Policy: Appendix 3

Practical support for a diverse workforce

Job design

The Library recognises the need to consider flexible working patterns such as job share and part-time working where a member of staff has a desire to change his/her working hours. These methods of working will be fully considered by line managers, in consultation with HR where appropriate; business needs and/or resources will also be a relevant consideration. Appeals against a manager's decision can be made using the Library's grievance procedures.

Provisions for disabled employees during employment

Where an employee becomes disabled, whether through accident, illness or injury, every reasonable and practicable consideration will be given to ensuring that he/she may remain in employment.

Examples of steps the Library should take are:

  • making reasonable adjustments to premises;
  • allocating some of the disabled employee's duties to another person;
  • transfer to an appropriate alternative position;
  • alteration of working hours;
  • transfer to a different location/place of work;
  • time off during working hours for rehabilitation, assessment or treatment;
  • training and/or re-skilling;
  • modification or purchase of appropriate equipment;
  • modification to instruction and/or reference manuals and literature;
  • modification to testing and/or assessment procedures;
  • provision of a reader or interpreter;
  • provision of supervision and assistance.

If, after a full exploration of reasonable adjustments to the individual's current role, the adjustments have been unsuccessful, then consideration should be given to finding an alternative post. The redeployment process detailed in sections 3 to 8 only of Appendix 4 of the Restructuring, Redeployment & Redundancy Policy will be followed.

The individual for whom redeployment is being sought will be required to complete a Biographical Questionnaire. These staff will be considered alongside displaced staff for job matching. Provided, after any reasonable adjustments have been made, the individual has the required skills and is a suitable match for the role following paper matching and redeployment interview they will be offered a trial period in preference to other matched non disabled staff.

Advice should be provided for the member of staff concerned. In addition, line managers should obtain guidance from the Human Resources Directorate and/or the Health and Safety Office. Advice may also be sought from Occupational Health Advisors or other external specialist organisations as appropriate.

Appendix I gives guidance relating to the provisions that may be made. Further guidance on dealing with disability issues can be found on the Internet, for example on the government's website

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