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Equality and Diversity Policy: Appendix 4

Performance management and staff with a disability

Staff with disabilities should be appraised on the basis of their performance in the job in the same way as other staff. Line managers should guard against making assumptions about the capabilities or potential of staff with disabilities. In particular they should not assume that a person with a disability, taking into account any adjustments which could be made, will be unable to make as effective a contribution as someone without a disability, or that they will be less interested in personal development.

Setting objectives

Line managers should take into account the effects of an individual's disability when agreeing objectives. For example, it might be a reasonable adjustment to allow someone slightly longer to complete a task than might otherwise be the case.

Interim reviews

Line managers should be aware that if the condition of a person with a disability is not stable, there may be a need for frequent review and revision of objectives. There are a variety of reasons why performance standards may not have been achieved. Line managers should be aware that a change in performance may be due to an existing or newly developed disability and ascertain whether this is the case through sensitive questions during the review meeting. (Advice may be sought from Human Resources) When staff return from a period of extended absence, objectives should be adjusted to allow them to readjust to their working environment.

Overall assessments

Line managers need to exercise judgement in taking account of external factors which are outside the individual's control. These would include making a reasonable adjustment to take account of the impact of a disability in terms of the individual meeting the objectives and demonstrating the competencies required for a particular post.

For issues in connection with attendance see Appendix 2.

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