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1. Are there specific requirements I must adhere to when working on the British Library’s premises?

Yes. Site procedure documents for all The British Library’s locations are available to download. 

British Library Boston Spa Site Procedures (PDF format) 111KB

British Library London Site Procedures (PDF format) 216KB

British Library St Pancras Site Procedures (PDF format) 2,343KB

2. We are only a small organisation so do we need to take part in tenders?

Often the value of the goods or services to be procured will determine whether a tender must be undertaken. Information on the value thresholds for tendering can be found on our Tendering pages.

3. We missed the tender can we still work with the British Library?

If the tender was conducted under the Public Procurement Regulations then you cannot supply the British Library. However, current opportunities to tender are listed on our e-Tendering website

4. What are the EU Public Procurement Regulations?

You can read about the Public Procurement Regulations, and where they apply on our EU-Tendering pages.

5. How do we get paid or what to do if we are having trouble getting paid?

It is British Library policy to pay all sums due to its suppliers by the end of the month following that in which the invoice is dated. For further information read receiving orders and getting paid.

6. Can I submit my invoice by email?

Yes, You can read more on this in the getting paid section.

7. How does the British Library ensure its suppliers are environmentally responsible?

Where pertinent to the requirement under tender our tender process includes an evaluation of the supplier's approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), including environmental matters.

8. What are the British Library’s requirements regarding Technical Infrastructure and Standards?

Where applicable this information is specified as part of the tender process. However, a summary of the Library’s Technical standards is available to download.

IT Technical Standards Summary (PDF format) 82KB

9. What do I need to know about Freedom of Information?

The Freedom of Information act came into force in January 2005. For more information visit our freedom of information section.

10. What ethical code does British Library procurement follow?

We follow the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) code of practice.

11. What do I need to know about data protection?

The Library has a legal obligation to ensure that personal information processed by another organisation on its behalf is managed in compliance with data protection legislation and good practice. As part of the procurement process an assessment will be carried out to identify requirements for data protection compliance. These will then be set out in the Library's Specification of Requirements.

As part of our post-contract performance monitoring, a questionnaire will be sent to suppliers on the anniversary of contracts which involve the processing of personal data to ensure that any changes since the award of contract and any resulting compliance and security implications are recorded and taken into account.

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