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19th Century Historical Collection iPad App

High Seas Adventure iPad app

Discover over 60,000 historical titles from the British Library’s 19th century book collection. It includes classic novels, works of philosophy, history and science. Browse, search and read these historic books on a platform that enhances the reading experience.

Remarkable hidden gems in this wonderful collection include a contemporary account of the exhumation of Napoleon’s body, the memoir of a battlefield nurse during the American Civil War and an ethnographic study from 1884 of the gypsies of the Scottish Borders. Along with the many titles in English, the App also features classics in Spanish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese and Dutch.

These digital book images have been captured in colour to preserve the look of the original book. Marbled papers, embossed covers, engraved illustrations maps, and beautifully coloured plates are intact and help create a unique reading environment.

The British Library 19th Century Historical Collection is the 2012 winner of the Publishing Innovation Award in the Reference/Academic category.

What's in it?

  • Over 60,000 historical books
  • Curated books and collections including Libri Italini, Iceland Country of Honour exhibit with the Frankfurt Book Fair, High Seas Adventures and many other interesting works with multi-media content from our curators
  • Commentary on selected titles
  • Images of original maps
  • Author inscriptions and margin notes
  • Classics in foreign languages such as Italian, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Dutch

How do I get it?

The British Library 19th Century Historical Collection is available for download worldwide.

From the app store: