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19th Century Historical Collection iPad App

High Seas Adventures iPad App

High Seas Adventure iPad app

Dive into a world of piracy, shipwreck, and adventure with High Seas Adventures, part of the award-winning British Library 19th Century Historical Collection iPad App. This feature contains over 100 works of nautical literature allowing readers to relive historic shipwrecks, travel with early expeditions to the Arctic, or terrorize the seas with some of world’s most famous pirates.

Spanning centuries of adventure on the high seas, the works in this compilation let readers go on a whaling voyage, witness the wreck of the Favourite on the Island of Desolation, travel on a convict ship, relive the experiences of sailors captured by pirates, learn about the lives of English seamen in the 16th Century, travel with a lady in a French Man-of-War, or read hair-raising stories like When the Sea Gives Up Its Dead.

Easy to navigate, users can browse over 100 works from a variety of genres, including historical texts, eyewitness accounts, diaries, fiction, reports, travelogues, poetry, and biography. The tactile interface of the Apple iPad creates a beautiful display of original pages, plates, engravings and illustrations rendered in high-resolution images.

What’s in it?

  • Over 100 nautical books
  • Curated books including Ships, Sailors, and the Sea, by R.J. Cornewall Jones, Awful Shipwreck, by John Palmer, Life on the Ocean, by William C. Paddack, and many more
  • Commentary on selected titles
  • Images of original maps
  • Author inscriptions and margin notes

How do I get it?

The High Seas Adventures app is available for download worldwide within the British Library 19th Century Historical Collection.

From the app store:

iPad showing High Seas Adventures app

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