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Data Model Meeting

British Library, London 30 April - 1 May 2007

A meeting was held which examined the fit between RDA: Resource Description and Access and models used in other metadata communities.


  • Tom Baker
  • Robina Clayphan
  • Tom Delsey
  • Gordon Dunsire
  • Diane Hillmann
  • Alistair Miles
  • Mikael Nilsson
  • Andy Powell
  • Barbara Tillett


The meeting participants agreed that RDA and DCMI should work together to build on the existing work of both communities.

The participants recommend that the RDA Committee of Principals and DCMI seek funding for work to develop an RDA Application Profile -- specifically that the following activities be undertaken:

  • development of an RDA Element Vocabulary
  • development of an RDA DC Application Profile based on FRBR and FRAD
  • disclosure of RDA Value Vocabularies using RDF/RDFS/SKOS


The benefits of this activity will be that:

  • the library community gets a metadata standard that is compatible with the Web Architecture and that is fully interoperable with other Semantic Web initiatives
  • the DCMI community gets a libraries application profile firmly based on the DCAM and FRBR (which will be a high profile exemplar for others to follow)
  • the Semantic Web community get a significant pool of well thought-out metadata terms to re-use
  • there is wider uptake of RDA

Further suggestion:

The meeting further suggests that DCMI and DC Application Profile developers consider the value of using conceptual models such as FRBR as the basis for describing intellectual or artistic creations.

Acronymns and links:

DC - Dublin Core
DCMI - Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
DCAM - Dublin Core Abstract Model
FRAD - Functional Requirements for Authority Data
FRBR - Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
IEEE/LOM - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers/Learning Object Metadata
RDA - Resource Description and Access
RDF - Resource Description Framework
RDFS - Resource Description Framework Schema
SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organisation System

The actual PowerPoint slides are also available (PDF format 25KB).

For further information please contact:

The British Library
Collection Metadata
Boston Spa, Wetherby
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BQ
United Kingdom