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Effective mobile marketing



By 2015, more Brits will access the Internet on their mobile device than on their PC and there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth so if you don't have a mobile-friendly website, you could be missing out on valuable business and sales. 

To the Point Marketing outline the key reasons that you should be harnessing the power of the web to reach your customers. If you want to learn more, book your place now on their special Web in Feb workshop, Mobile Marketing Demystified on 28 February. 

Should you have a mobile website?

Many businesses struggle with the question of whether or not to have a mobile site and/or a mobile app. The smartphone is rapidly gaining ground in market share and with manufacturers bringing out an ever increasing array of models it is hailing in a new and exciting era of change in how we communicate. The scale of the smartphone adoption is staggering. 

If you don’t embrace this, you risk losing business if you don’t have a mobile site.

Reasons to have a mobile website: 

  • Nearly 2 in 3 users are unlikely to return to a mobile site where they had trouble and 40% said they’d visit a competitor’s mobile site instead
  • There are 7 billion people in the world. About 2 billion people are connected to the Internet. And 1 billion have smartphones where they can (and will) access the mobile web
  • Users take action on mobile-friendly sites. 1 in 5 website visits lead to an immediate call to the business
  • 59% of smartphone shopping is done at home, while 41% is done out of the home
  • 38% of our daily media interactions are on smartphones
  • 70% of all smartphone owners use their mobile device while they’re shopping


Still not convinced? Here are even more reasons: 

  • Mobile Websites are organically ranked in local mobile search engines
  • It is estimated that less than 3% of businesses have a mobile website yet local searches on mobile web account for over 9 out of 10 searches
  • Google has a separate index for mobile content. Ranking on mobile is easier because Google has a much smaller index of content under mobile, as this segment is still in its infancy. If businesses get a mobile site today, they stand a very good chance of being highly ranked.
  • 62% of smartphone users said they have purchased physical goods from their mobile devices in the last six months 
  • Consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites 


Just to really emphasise why you should definitely use mobile marketing

  • 39% of instances where a consumer walks out of a store without buying were influenced by smartphones 
  • Over 1/3 of Facebook’s users access Facebook Mobile; 50% of Twitter’s users use Twitter Mobile 
  • The average tablet user spends 13.9 hours per week with the device
  • 73% of smartphone owners access social networks through apps at least once per day 
  • There was 103% growth in website traffic from smartphones from 2011-2012 (Source; Hubspot)

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