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Using compassion to get ahead


Recently published by our business coach partner, Rasheed Ogunlaru, 'Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business' helps entrepreneurs follow their passion and build a business you and your customers will love. 

This is the seventh in a series of 8 articles sharing tips and insight from the books main principles. 

Rasheed runs the Your life, your business workshop in the Centre.


“If your heart isn't in it, why are you?”

Taking care of you

First you must take care of yourself and your health. Without this there is no business. 

Stress, overload and long hours are synonymous with entrepreneurs. You must give yourself time out, time off and time for yourself and health.

Taking care of business

Now you must take care of your business, staff, suppliers, customers, potential customers, contacts and your network in your life. If you do not care about them, how can you expect them to care about you, what you do and your product or service? It is impossible. Once you genuinely love what you do and those who work with you, it will become fulfilling in more ways that you can probably imagine. 

This will help you hone your service, your craft, and your customer service. It is this that builds brand loyalty and a brand that others will love. It is this that will lead them to refer and recommend to you. If you stop caring, so might they.

Building your business by heart

As customers (which we all are) we know the businesses that genuinely care, that provide great service and that go that extra mile. Soul Traders are those who have it in their heart to be one of them. In practical terms, it means it will be easier to attract and retain customers, staff, contacts, opportunities and much more. 

It also means that in lean financial times (like at the moment) yours will be one of the last products or services that customers will wish to give up.

Find out more about Rasheed and Soul Trader - Putting the Heart Back into Your Business

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