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Cold storage seminar and open day

5 April 2011

Vindon Scientific Ltd
John Boyd Dunlop Drive, Kingsway Business Park,
Rochdale OL16 4NG

The use of cold storage is well-established as a strategy for preserving rapidly degrading materials. This one-day seminar features presentations and discussion on aspects of cold storage with particular reference to the British Library’s experience and research into cold storage for cellulose acetate film. The seminar and open day is generously hosted by Vindon Scientific Ltd. It offers a rare opportunity to tour the facilities and learn about the wider applications of cold storage at Vindon.

British Library Preservation Cold Store   Seminar report
(PDF format) 303KB

Sandy Ryan,
Collection Care Policy Manager,
British Library


  • The science of cold storage: re-examining the Preservation Index
  • The British Library strategy for long-term management of cellulose acetate microfilm, from inception to benefits realised
  • Tour of facilities at Vindon including British Library area
  • Insight into the work of Vindon Scientific Ltd including manufacture of cold storage spaces and ongoing storage management
  • Other applications of cold storage for library and archive materials
  • Discussion