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How do I manage the aftermath? Recovery

Recovery procedures are aimed at maintaining services or providing alternatives, minimising loss to the collections, facilities and resources, and minimising loss of income.

Recovering from a major disaster/emergency can be a traumatic process for those involved. Efficient preparation is crucial for an effective and speedy recovery.

Recovery activities will include:

  • Managing the short, medium and long term service functions
  • Making appropriate and cost effective conservation decisions
  • Making counselling available to all staff immediately and, if necessary, for some while following a major incident
  • Reviewing the written disaster/emergency plan immediately following the event
  • Identifying and rectifying shortcomings
  • Dealing with the frustrations that arise from delays in replacing equipment or unavailability of collection materials undergoing conservation treatment
  • Taking advantage of new opportunities that may arise
  • Taking advantage of unexpected partnerships and support from loss adjusters and insurers
  • Recognising and rewarding staff commitment to the organisation during disaster/emergency, often in excess of their duties and at the expense of their leisure time
  • Recognising and rewarding staff commitment to maintaining services under difficult conditions