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Getting started in digital preservation

Glasgow, London, Aberystwyth, Belfast

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The British Library Preservation Advisory Centre and the Digital Preservation Coalition are running four events to equip collection managers, archivists, librarians and conservators with the skills necessary for ‘getting started in digital preservation’.

Our generation has invested as never before in digital resources and we've done so because of the opportunity they bring. Digital collections have grown in volume, complexity and importance to the point that our children are baffled by the inefficiencies of the analogue age. Pervasive, fluid and vital: digital data is a defining feature of our age. Industry, commerce, government, law, research, health, social care, education, the creative industries, the heritage sector and private life depend on digital materials to satisfy ubiquitous information needs and expectations. But digital objects are fragile: at risk of loss, corruption or obsolescence, not to mention unlawful alteration or theft. Digital preservation – the series of managed activities necessary to ensure that digital materials remain accessible beyond the limits of obsolescence - is an issue which all organisations, particularly in the knowledge sector, will need to address sooner or later. Collection managers need digital preservation skills to ensure access to their growing digital collections, but training in these new skills can be hard to acquire.

Getting started in digital preservation: what do I need to know? (PDF format) 810KB
William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition

Making sense of your collections - characterisation
(PDF format) 716KB
William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition

Making sense of your collections - case study
(PDF Format) 1MB
Emily Nimmo, The Royal Commission for the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland

Making sense of your collection - case study
(PDF format) 968KB
Heather Needham, Hampshire Record Office

Risk management and digital preservation (PDF format) 235KB
Caroline Peach, Preservation Advisory Centre

Preservation planning: from theory to practice
(PDF format) 364KB
William Kilbride, Digital Preservation Coalition

Preservation planning (PDF format) 745KB
Sarah Jones, Digital Curation Centre

Preservation planning: case study
(PDF format) 431KB
Ed Fay, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

You are not alone…next steps, further resources and help
(PDF format) 1MB
Caroline Peach, Preservation Advisory Centre