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NPO Journal

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No.  3 Jan  1999 PDF format 6.19MB
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No.  5 Oct  1999 PDF format 6.52MB
No.  6 Apr  2000 PDF format 6.45MB
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Archives Turner, Margaret and Januszonok, Teresa Fairbank Collection Project 1
Archives Rhys-Lewis, Jonathon London Metropolitan Archives new strategy 1
Archives Harvey, P.D.A. British Record Association 1
Archives Kitching, Chris Advisory service in The National Archives 13
Bookbinding Sheppard, Jenny The census of medieval bookbinding structures to 1500 in British libraries 3
Bookbinding Winder, Helen Bookbinding 2000 7
Collection Care Forde, Helen Handling the Past, 29 June 1999 (workshop report) 5
Collection Care Valencia, Miriam NPO Annual Conference: Caring for Collections 8
Collection Care Pinniger, David Beating the pests 10
Collection Care Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan NPO Annual Conference: Managing library and archive collections in historic houses 12
Collection Management Knight, Karen Developing a framework for collections management 10
Collection Survey Foster, Julia The National Preservation Office Preservation Assessment Survey 9
Conservation Pullman, Sarah-Jane The Conservation Register 2
Conservation Shad, Mehmet Teamwork for preventive conservation 3
Conservation   NMCT helps to conserve Edinburgh booksellers' archives 7
Digital Imaging Beagrie, Neil Joint RLG and NPO conference on Guidelines for Digital Imaging(report) 3
Digital Management Grout, Catherine Issues for managing digitisation projects: a view from the Visual Arts Data Service 2
Digital Preservation Beagrie, Neil The Warwick 2 Workshop: Digital Preservation Strategy, 3-4 March 1999 4
Digital Preservation Russell, Kelly A strategic framework for creating and preserving digital resources 4
Digital Preservation Feeney, Mary Digital Culture: maximising the nation's investment (seminar report) 5
Digital Preservation Beagrie, Neil Towards a Digital Preservation Coalition in the UK 8
Digital Preservation Stagg, Lynn Digital preservation: the way forward 8
Digital Preservation Weinburger, Ellis A security policy for a digital repository 11
Digital Printing Sterlini, Philippa Preservation and conservation issues related to digital printing 8
Digitisation Enright, Suzanne Digitisation seminar: Issues for managers, or, why digitise? 2
Disaster Management Fowler, Jane The inauguration of the United Kingdom and Ireland Blue Shield organisation (UKIRB) 9
Disaster Management Barrett, Anne The management of disaster management, 23 May 2000 (conference report) 7
Disaster Management Muir, Adrienne and Shenton, Helen The development and use of disaster plans in libraries and archives 10
Disaster Management   UKIR Blueshield co-ordinates the UK response to the floods in Europe 2002 on behalf of the British Council 11
Disaster Management Cole, Sue The 2002 floods in Central Europe 12
Disaster Management Cole, Sue The National Preservation Office and the United Kingdom and Ireland Blue Shield 13
Disaster Management Wellheiser, Johanna Preparing for the worst, planning for the best: protecting our cultural heritage from disaster 13
Environment Cassar, May and Pender, Robyn Climate change scoping study 11
Environment Hallett, Kathryn UV-filtered lighting and the evaluation of cellulose degradation 12
Funding   NMCT comes to the NPO 4
Funding Barborino, Paola Saving the past: the adopt a book scheme at the British Library 7
Funding Berwick, Alison Heritage Lottery Fund's new small grants scheme launched 10
Funding Barclay, Sue Research resources in medical history 12
International Kitching, Christopher UNESCO's memory of the world programme 1
International Rhys-Lewis, Jonathan The National Archives of Uganda 7
International Meden, Susan A Preservation Office for Argentina 8
Mass Deacidification Mehmet, Shad Mass deacidification in practice: a report of the conference held in Buckeburg, Germany, 18-19 October 2000 8
Mass Deacidification   INFOSAVE: Saving our national heritage from the threat of acid deterioration 10
Mass Deacidification Walker, Alison INFOSAVE demonstrator project 12
Microfilm Stagg, Lyn European Register of Microfilm Masters-News 9
NPO Marshall, Vanessa From newsletter to e-journal: sharing knowledge and experience remains at the heart of the NPO information service 13
Organisations Cassar, May New centre to sustain historic buildings, collections and sites 9
Photographic Preservation Browne, Mark SEPIA II 9
Photographic Preservation Browne, Mark ECPA receives EU grant for photo project 'SEPIA' 6
Photographic Preservation Sanderson, Belinda Written in light: photographic collections in a digital age 8
Photographic Preservation Klijn, Edwin Looking after your photographs or...formally known as prints 11
Preservation Eden, Paul Co-operative preservation 4
Preservation Webster, Alison Microfilming of WW1 soldiers' documents 1
Preservation Matheson, Ann NEWSPLAN preserving newspaper heritage 1
Preservation Russell, Kelly Cedars project: CURL exemplars in digital archives 2
Preservation   Seven studies on digital materials preservation published 2
Preservation Dungworth, Naomi and Wakeling, Will A model for assessing preservation needs in libraries 3
Preservation Dale, Robin and Elkington, Nancy The Research Libraries Group and Preservation 4
Preservation Jones, Stephen Preservation needs assessment for archives 6
Preservation Management Dockery, Rita The British Library of Political and Economic Science (BLPES): its first Preservation Librarian 9
Preservation Management Worthington, Stella The London Library: preservation and stack management 9
Preservation Management Sanderson, Belinda Preservation Management Summer School, 19-23 July 1999 (report) 5
Preservation Management Blaxland, Lucy Preservation management: between policy and practice (report) 5
Preservation Management Walker, Alison The NPO Preservation Assessment Survey: where we are and where we are going 13
Preservation Research Muir, Adrienne New research in preservation management 5
Preservation Status Haynes, David National Register of Collection Strengths, Retention Intention and Preservation Status 5
Professional Development Milner, Carole One for all and all for one: a new single voice for conservation 13
Research Jacob, David and Sanderson, Belinda Anoxic environments, oxygen scavengers and barrier films: their use in museums, libraries and galeries: conference review 6
Research Eden, Paul Good practice guidelines for library and archive managers 1
Research Jacobs, David Raman spectroscopy: drawing together history, art and science 8
Sound Preservation Topp Fargion, Janet and Manigand, Marie-Laure Archiving the music world 6
Sound Preservation Copeland, Peter Recent National Sound Archives Work 6
Standards Kitching, Chris BS 5454: 2000 - the implications for libraries 9
Standards McIntyre, John Emerging standards 1
Standards McIntyre, John BS 4971: 2002 - new recommendations for the conservation treatment of documents 10
Training   Conservation Awards 2000 9
Training Pullman, Sarah-Jane The Conservation Awards 1999 7
Training Horie, C.V. Professional accreditation of conservators: the development of professionalism in the conservation profession 5
Training Ross, Seamus Introducing an MPhil in digital preservation studies 3
Training Lindsay, Helen Preservation principles for paper based collections: fundamentals and future directions in a digital world 6
Training Foot, Mirjam Training for preservation management 6
Training Thebridge, Stella and Matthews, Graham Review of preservation management training 7
Training Gordon, Antony Pixellated in Glasgow 8
Training Jones, Maggie Digital preservation management: a workbook for training 8
Training   Conservation Awards 2002 10
Training Player-Dahnsjo, Ylva Accreditation for conservator-restorers, big deal?! - a personal view 11
Training Cassar, May EC Advanced Study Course: Science and Technology of the Environment for Sustainable Protection of Cultural Heritage 11
Training   The Conservation Awards 2002 12
Transportation O'Connor, Barbara Part and parcel of the job: planning, packaging and transporting loans for exhibition 11