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Preventing pests by IPM Full

Preservation Advisory Centre Training Day

Tuesday 25 February 2014

British Library Centre for Conservation
96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
Location Details

Led by David Pinniger, Independent Consultant Entomologist, this training day provides an introduction to Integrated Pest Managment (IPM). The day is aimed at anyone with any involvement with, or responsibility for collections in libraries, archives and museums. Participants will learn:

  • the main insect pests: what they need to live, how to identify them and the damage they cause
  • how to prevent pests becoming established
  • how to select the most appropriate treatments to control pests
  • how to set up an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme.

Feedback from previous participants

Why did you attend this training day?

  • Help with developing strategy for dealing with a specific pest problem and to learn more in general about IPM.
  • To inform discussions with pest contractors undertaking checks.
  • To learn more about pests and feel confident dealing with them.
  • Up date my knowledge on pest prevention.
  • To help create an IPM strategy for the new library.

What did you learn?.

  • Lots of practical information about what to avoid in the new building.
  • Lots about methods of control - little tips about where to look for pests.
  • Identifying insects, looking closely at the environment and what may harbour/encourage insects. The various processes used to eradicate them.
  • Vigilance and regular inspection. Preventive measures.
  • New techniques for treatment.


09.30 Registration
09.45 Introduction to the course and objectives
10.00 Particular needs of participants
10.15 Introduction to insects and the damage they cause
11.15 Break
11.30 Examination of pests and damage
12.15 Pests and pest environments - prevention is better than cure
13.15 Lunch
14.00 Detection and monitoring of pests
14.30 To treat or not to treat - options for control
15.30 Break
15.45 Pest treatments used in the British Library
16.15 Implementing IPM in the real world
17.00 End