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Planning a digitisation project

Preservation Advisory Centre Training Day

Thursday 15 November 2012

British Library Centre for Conservation
96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
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Digitisation can increase access to collections, provide surrogates for vulnerable originals, enable virtual reunification of collections or reveal information not available to the naked eye. But how do you make sure you give your project the best chance of success? What do you need to think about at the outset to ensure the process is trouble-free?

This training day will help you plan a successful digitisation project with sustainable outcomes. It is focused on the digitisation of library and archive materials, though the principles are transferable to other formats. The day includes case studies which highlight different approaches to planning, managing and evaluating digitisation projects. The day covers:

  • How to articulate why digitisation is being carried out and how it supports your organisation’s goals
  • Defining selection criteria for digitisation
  • Taking a lifecycle approach to project planning
  • Resources and digitisation workflows
  • Scale and speed: in-house or out-sourced?
  • Building digital preservation into a project from the beginning.


10.15 Registration
10.25 Welcome and introductions
10.30 Planning a digitisation project
Richard Davies, Digital Approvals Manager,
British Library
13.00 Lunch
13.45 Case study: The British Cartoon Archive rapid digitisation project
Dr Nicholas Hiley, Head of the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent
14.25 Case study: The Wellcome Library – outsourced mass digitisation
Dr Christy Henshaw, Programme Manager,
Wellcome Digital Library
15.05 Break
15.20 Sustainability and planning digital preservation
Maureen Pennock, Digital Preservation Manager,
British Library
15.40 Discussion and questions
16.00 End

This training day is complemented by the session Doing digitisation on 16 November 2012 which addresses the practical aspects of undertaking digitisation such as equipment set-up; standards and formats; pre-digitisation assessments; document preparation and handling, and a tour of the BL imaging studio.