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Training justification

Training provides many benefits, but in the current economic climate, organisations may have to restrict training budgets. The following information is designed to help you put together a business case to justify attendance.

Benefits to the individual and organisation

Each course announcement on our website includes a list of bullet points explaining what delegates will learn on the day. We also publish feedback from previous courses. To check whether a course is suitable, cross reference this information against:

  • Your personal work objectives
  • The objectives of your team/department
  • Your organisationís strategic plan.

Be clear what you want to get out of the training and how you will apply this on your return to work.

Other benefits of course attendance

All our training courses provide additional benefits. You will be able to network with other delegates and speakers. You will be able to obtain guidance on specific issues affecting your organisation. Copies of sllides, handouts and guidance booklets are included in all delegate packs.

Disseminating information

The benefits of attendance can be shared more widely with colleagues. Common methods of dissemination include:

  • Updates in team meetings
  • Presentations to staff
  • Sharing copies of handouts
  • Including information in a blog
  • Publishing information on an organisationís intranet.

It may also be possible to share information with colleagues in other organisations.

Course costs

When budgeting for course attendance, it is important to consider the full cost of attendance. In addition to the course fee, this can include:

  • Train fares
  • Cost of travel to station
  • Parking
  • Hotel costs.

Book travel as early as possible in to take advantage of cheaper tickets. Use the National Rail Enquiries website to check train times and fares.