Social media for business start-ups

According to BrandWatch, there are now 2.3 billion active social media users in the world, with net users having an average of 5.54 social media accounts.  176 million more people have joined the social revolution in the last year, and 1 million active mobile social users join each day – that’s 12 a second.

If you’re a start-up business, in other words, social media can be a seriously effective way of finding new customers. 

On this page, you’ll see links to our guides on how to make the most of the various social media networks for your business. Whether it’s Twitter or Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be able to read up on how your start-up should be approaching a new social media campaign.

For the rest of this page, meanwhile, we’ll take a look at the more general points of managing a social media business account.

Social media for business: the key points

Know what you want

One of the biggest issues start-ups have is marketing for the sake of it.  It’s tempting to come out all-guns-blazing and start pumping time and effort into every channel.  But will that really get you results?  Probably not.

One of the brilliant things about social media marketing – and one of the reasons we run classes on it – is that it’s so versatile.  The various social networks out there differ in look, style, features and audience.  This means you’re practically guaranteed to get results from at least ONE of the channels that houses the biggest percentage of your target demographic.

However, it does mean that there are probably one or two social channels that won’t suit your business. 

How to choose, then?

Well, it’s simple: know what your aims are.  What do you want to gain from your business social media account? 

  • Brand exposure?
  • E-mail sign-ups?
  • Sales in your online store?

When you know exactly what you want your social media business strategy to do, you’ll find it much easier to choose which networks are likely to get the best possible results.

Planning your communications

So, you’ve got your aims, and you’ve chosen which networks you think will get you results.  Next, you need to create a strategy that helps inform what you’re actually going to be doing on those networks and this isn’t something you can blag.

See, in the day-to-day excitement of running a start-up, you’ll probably find you don’t have time to sit down in the morning and work out what to post that day: there’ll be lots of other things to be getting on with.

What should you actually be posting?  Well, what are your aims?

  • If you want to sell products, posting high-quality images or demo videos can be very effective.
  • If you’re trying to solve customer problems, posting ‘how-to’ guides are a great way to build traffic and brand advocacy.
  • If you’re trying to build an e-mail database, you could send out a ‘money-off’ coupon, or a free gift to those that sign-up.
  • If you simply want more people to know you exist, try simply promoting content (pictures, videos and blogs) that you’ve already written.

The point is simply to do things with an end goal in mind: something that can be measured.  Start-ups with a solid plan for their social media campaign will always out-perform those that just churn out something on the day.

Focus on the customer

If there’s one single thing you should bear in mind when it comes to social media for business, it’s this:

Focus on what your potential customers want, not what you want to give them!

See, social media is a voluntary thing.  Consumers can – and do – choose to block, ignore and unfollow businesses every single day.  We can all choose what we allow into our social media feeds!

So, give them a reason to follow you.  It could be anything, as we mentioned above.

  • Your e-mail list could receive money-off promotions that aren’t available anywhere else.
  • Your Facebook page fans could be shown videos that you haven’t uploaded to your YouTube channel.
  • Your Twitter followers could receive the very latest news regarding new products you’re launching.

Whatever approach you choose, it’s important to make sure your followers receive something truly special.  If they’ve got a great reason for following you, they’ll stick around.

(Oh, and they’ll likely tell their friends, too!)

Let us help you develop a social media strategy

If you’ve had the chance to explore our social media for business hub, and you’d like to know more, why not consider attending out Social Media For New Business event?

Our three-hour masterclass will take you through all the major social channels, showing you how best to engage customers, raise sales, increase awareness and generate a real return on investment.

Make sure you also take a close look at our guides to using all the individual social media channels as marketing tools for your new business:

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