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Protecting your ideas

Intellectual property is vital to the business process. Knowing how to protect your idea, whether it’s an invention or a brand name, can save you a lot of time and money. Read on to find out about patents, trademarks, copyright and registered designs. 


What is intellectual property?

If you have an invention or idea, it’s important that you understand your intellectual property and how to exploit it.

Why you need to protect your Intellectual Property?

Find out how intellectual property protects assets that may be integral to the core services of the business and overall long-term viability.

What is a patent?

Find out how to stop others from making, using or selling your invention without your permission.

What are registered designs?

Find out all you need to know about registered designs for your small business

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What is copyright?

Learn how to protect your literary or artistic expression with copyright

Three reasons for copyright protection

Three reasons to protect your business with copyright

What is a trade mark?

Find out all you need to know about trade marks

Trade mark tips for beginners

Find out more about how to protect your ideas.

Free industry guides

Up-to-date quality information for researching key industries, handpicked by our experts.

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Pay our experts to do research for you.

Databases and publications

Over £5m worth of current market reports from top publishers Mintel, Frost & Sullivan, Passport and more.

Ask an expert

For established businesses, get extra help from our IT, marketing and invention experts.

Upcoming workshops & events

Workshop FREE

Introducing copyright

This workshop will explain the basics of copyright, including eligible works, duration of protection, key resources, and an introduction to protecting and managing your copyright as well as using the work of others.

Workshop FREE

Making your business more ethical

This is an interactive half-day workshop to make your business more ethical and green.

Webinar FREE

Webinar: Introducing Lean Start-up

This webinar provides the ideal introduction to Lean Start-Up philosophy and practices.


Getting it made

This interactive session, part of the Design Create Sell series of workshops, is essential for any designer/maker or SME that is planning to outsource their production or is experiencing problems with their manufacturing.

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