Operations: Information Technology

The Operations Division consists of 3 main departments within the Library – Operations, Human Resources and Information Technology.

IT jobs may not be the first thing you associate with the British Library, but the IT challenges we face are totally unique. So, to develop the groundbreaking solutions we need to meet them, we offer some unique career opportunities, too.

With the technological advances of the last two decades, the way that information is captured, stored and accessed has been transformed. We've already implemented one of the largest integrated library systems on the planet. Now we're developing one of the world's largest digital library systems to collect and store digital publications such as websites and eJournals, as well as the digitised items from our existing collections. By 2012 this store will contain around one billion objects.

On the international stage, we recently led an EU-funded project called Planets, which focused on digital preservation. As well as providing leading-edge solutions for customers, we look after our own people too - a recent survey of employee computer users demonstrated very high levels of satisfaction with the service they received.

Join us and you can look forward to working on a variety of exciting, challenging and even pioneering projects. And you'll be working with a world-class team of technical experts to help preserve the digital future of our collections.

What kind of roles are in Information Technology?

Integrated Library System (ILS) Development

Role: Integrated Library System (ILS) Development

Team: Applications Development

The ILS is a knowledge management system that provides many of the British Library's internal and external services. This role involves managing projects and performing business and systems analysis for ILS initiatives. This may include integrating specific catalogues into the main catalogue, implementing new software to enable access to digitally stored documents, or web archiving and digitisation.

This diverse role is also involved in larger scale projects, such as the pan-European partnership to create a European Library and the PLANET project (Preservation through Long-term Access and Networked Services).

Head of Web Archiving

Role: Head of Web Archiving

Team: Web Archiving

This exciting role is at the leading edge of web technologies, delivering systems and processes that enable the Library to develop an archive of the UK Web, and to ensure it's permanently accessible. From creating a set of projects to deliver the programme, to enthusing stakeholders, managing budgets and risk, and representing the Library in various Web Archiving forums, it's a varied role.

It's a role that plays a fundamental part in preserving current knowledge for future generations.

Head of Infrastructure, Strategy and Development

Role: Head of Infrastructure, Strategy and Development

Team: Infrastructure Strategy and Development (ISD)

Almost every project in the Library involves IT, so the team this role manages is usually involved. It's the team that makes strategic and development decisions on the Library's IT infrastructure, linking business requirements with the ability to satisfy them.

This role is the first point of contact for managers who have IT-related requirements and works closely with the other IT teams who support the infrastructure this team develops. The scale of projects includes our award-winning "Turning the Pages" software and digitising around 100,000 out-of-copyright books, as well as IT operations projects such as reducing the number of physical servers and developing the Library's networks.

People and projects

People and projects

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