The Operations Division consists of 3 main departments within the Library – Operations, Human Resources and Information Technology.

In essence, we run the Library from day to day, enabling customers to access the 150 million items in our collections. With places for 1,200 Readers at our sites, this means we provide services for almost half a million Readers each year. We also run the world's largest document supply service, delivering over two million paper and electronic items all over the world annually.

Obviously, technology plays a key role in what we do and we're always looking for new, more efficient ways to give our customers access to our catalogues. We also develop leading-edge innovations that help preserve one of the world's greatest collections of books, journals, newspapers, stamps, maps and sound recordings.

This means we play a vital role in enabling the British Library to meet changing demands. Recently, we were responsible for setting up the highly successful Business & IP Centre, which supports small businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors. We're also in the process of preserving the world's greatest newspaper collection. And with over 3 million items added to our collections each year, there's always a new project just around the corner!

So, if you're looking for a career that offers variety, challenge, genuine responsibility and a supportive, friendly environment, we have a host of roles across London and Yorkshire.

What kind of roles are in Operations?

Welcome Team Manager

Role: Welcome Team Manager

Team: Welcome Team

The Welcome Team Manager manages and supports a team of 25 people who have responsibility for front of house activities. This includes registering Readers, answering queries at the information desk, running visits and tours and welcoming people to the Business and IP Centre.

There's a variety of work - from implementing a new registration system, to providing tours for VIPs, from soothing an unhappy applicant who wants to get a Reader pass for the Library, to answering queries from the general public on the infromation desk.

Information Services Manager

Role: Information Services Manager

Team: Reference and Research

We hold the finest newspaper and periodical collection in the world. The Information Services Manager (ISM) in the Newspaper Reading Room's Reference Team, provides a reference service to onsite and remote researchers so they get the most out of our collection. This involves talks, presentations, guided tours, Reader induction sessions and workshops. The ISM also develops and promotes our services, answers complex enquiries and selects which newspapers should be in the open access reference collection, and online.

The ISM is also involved in a range of major projects, such as implementing new cataloguing systems and the plan to re-house the newspaper collection in St Pancras. This obviously involves working with people from a range of departments.

Legal Deposit and Digital Acquisitions Manager

Role: Legal Deposit and Digital Acquisitions Manager

Team: Collection Development

Publishers and distributors in the UK and Ireland have a legal obligation to deposit published material at the British Library. This role involves working with people across the British Library, other UK Legal Deposit Libraries and the UK publishing community to ensure we're developing the scale of digital deposit as well as the continuity of print-based operations. Primarily, the role focuses on coordinating the acquisition of published materials and analysing the impact of regulations and publishing developments.

With the rise in digital publications, this is an evolving role, ensuring that the Library keeps up to date with innovative publishing models so we can continue to meet our commitments to customers.

Manager Legal Deposit Books

Role: Manager Legal Deposit Books

Team: Monograph Processing

Managing a team of 15 people, this role ensures that we acquire books on legal deposit (the act of parliament that means a copy of every piece of published material is deposited at the British Library) and catalogue them accurately. This involves running problem-solving forums and providing clarity on processes and the potential impact of changes.

As well as ensuring the best systems and processes are in place to catalogue items, the Manager also works with other processing managers to ensure we have a range of different strategies for making new items available as quickly as possible. It's a challenging and varied role that offers the scope to make significant changes and improvements to existing workflows and processes.

Process Development

Role: Process Development

Team: Operations and System Management

Process Development focuses on identifying, developing and implementing operational process changes to improve services. Naturally, this involves integrating new technologies. It also involves working with people in different areas of the Library to understand the processes they follow.

It's complex work, often involving links to different Library operations, and offers the opportunity to follow projects through from start to finish and to introduce important changes.

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