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  • Alex Hall

    Using newspapers in research: Alex Hall, PhD student

  • Alexis Bennett

    Alexis Bennett researched 1930s British film music as an Edison Fellow at the British Library.

  • Amanda Callan-Spenn

    Research into women’s martial arts in the early twentieth century

  • Cecile Chevalier: multimedia PhD research

    Non-text doctoral theses: Cecile Chevalier, artist lecturer and researcher

  • Chris Levack

    Teacher Chris Levack regularly brings his students to the British Library for inspirational visits.

  • Christian Poske

    Christian is evaluating the archival material of Dutch ethnomusicologist Arnold Adriaan Bake.

  • Clio Software

    Jennifer Perkins from Clio tells us why her customers have seen a 75% reduction in failed requests since they ...

  • Craig Hamilton: multimedia PhD research

    Non-text doctoral theses: Craig Hamilton, PhD researcher and creator of Harkive

  • Dana Elemara, Arganic

    Dana Elemara, Arganic

  • David Normal and Burning Man

    Artist David Normal used British Library images as source material for his arresting artworks.

  • Diana Newall

    Using our maps collection: Diana Newall, art historian

  • Dvora Liberman

    Dvora is a collaborative PhD student exploring the social world of Crown Court clerks from the 1970s onwards.

  • Eleanor Stuart

    Using our online collection: Eleanor Stuart: Illustrator

  • Greek manuscripts

    The imaging team rose to challenge of digitising 350 rare Greek manuscripts, producing over 120,000 beautiful images

  • Guilford Publications

    Guilford Publications made use of the British Library collections when digitising with British Library Imaging ...