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Jennifer Perkins of Clio Software

Clio has been providing Interlibrary Loan software to libraries for the past 13 years. Jennifer Perkins from their UK branch describes the benefits her customers are seeing now their system is fully integrated with British Library On Demand

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Working with the British Library has been the best co-operative development I’ve ever experienced

Key points

  • Clio customers get the full range of features embedded into their Interlibrary Loans software
  • Integration gives customers real-time information, enabling them to “choose from the list of possible”
  • Clio customers have seen a 75% reduction in failed requests since they integrated their system with British Library on Demand

Since they integrated British Library On Demand into their system Clio’s customers have seen a 75% reduction in failed requests and achieved substantial efficiency savings.  Jennifer Perkins, from Clio’s UK branch, puts this dramatic reduction down to the real-time information integration provides and On Demand’s outstanding Automatch function.

Integration with On Demand has removed the need for speculative requesting and allows Clio customers to “choose from the list of possible” alongside their own collections.  Any problems are identified early on in the process and dealing with them is even easier, putting the customer in control.

Integration has also cut the number of issues with incomplete or incorrect information from end-users, as the Automatch function returns the correct results with very little data and easily deals with mistakes. “I’ve seen the worst end-user requests come back with the right results”, says Jennifer, “this eliminates all the back and forth between researcher and librarian saving time for both of them”.

Implementation has been a truly collaborative process for Clio. “The On Demand integration team had a genuine interest in making the development useful for our customer”, says Jennifer, “I’ve worked on many implementations of various systems and working with the British Library has been the best co-operative development I’ve ever experienced”.

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