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From super-fast delivery to substantial space savings, British Library On Demand supports Sheffield University Library’s strategy with the complete service package

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British Library On Demand is a major pillar in our strategy, without it we couldn’t provide the service we do

Key points

  • British Library On Demand forms a key part of the University Library’s Strategy, enabling them get their users the resources they need as they need them
  • On Demand has helped the University to free up 3,490m of shelf space and create “a world class study environment”
  • EThOS is a favourite among students and researchers alike at the University of Sheffield, with 766 make use of it last year

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“Sheffield’s promise to our users is: if we haven’t got it we’ll get it for you”, says Tracey Clarke, Assistant Director of Library Services at the University, “without British Library
On Demand
, we couldn’t come good on that promise”. On Demand allows the University Library to get their students and researchers the material they need quickly and easily, but the benefits of working with the British Library go far beyond access to unique research content.

Alongside On Demand, students and researchers at the University take full advantage of EThOS, the free online service from the British Library providing access to thousands of UK PhD theses. Last year 766 students and academics from Sheffield used EThOS for their research.

Sheffield has also been a major player in the UK Research Reserve, a collaborative space-saving initiative across the UK Higher Education Sector and underpinned by British Library On Demand. Through UKRR, they have been able to free up 3,490m of shelf space, allowing them to create 64 new study areas across two floors of the Western Bank Library. “It’s been a win-win project”, says Tracey, “it saved us from an impending capacity crisis and we’ve been able to create a world class study environment in the process”.

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