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Shelfmark c152i11
Held By BL
Country France
Period 19c
Cover Material Calf
Decorative Technique Blocked in blind
Style Panel design
BookBinder Cape, Charles Francois of Paris
Author Béranger, Pierre Jean De
Title Oeuvres complètes de P.-J. de Béranger
Place of Publication Paris
Date of Publication 1837
Notes Part of the Charles Ramsden Collection of Signed Bindings. See Julien Flety, Dictionnaire des reliures francais ayant exerce de 1800 a nos jours, 1988. Macchi states: first half century, Paris, bound by Capé. His name does not appear in any of the Almanach of the period. A half calf binding on D'Arlincourt's Ismailie (1828) and a full calf binding on Beranger's works dated 1837 are in the C. Ramsden collection (French Bookbinders, p. 46-47). Capé is an example of a binder who did his best work at the start and never reached the same level in his later and more prosperous old age. Mr. Ellic Howe, 5 Thurloe Close London S.W., possessed a specimen book of leathers and papers, bound by Capé about 1840 and inscribed as follows: "Cet album d'échantillons a été composé par Capé, relieur du Roi, au Louvre pour moi L. HUGOT (Conservateur des Bibliothèques Royales) qui le conserve comme un souvenir de mon cher Capé. Interesting specimens are: veau antique (highly surfaced); veau solitaire (?); papier ombré (marbled); chiné (highly surfaced); d'Annonay (blotted effect).
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