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Shelfmark c154c20
Held By BL
Country France
Period 19c
Cover Material Calf
Decorative Technique Tooled in blind; Blocked in blind; Tooled in black
Style Centrepiece
BookBinder Vogel
Author Tasso, Torquato
Title La Gerusalemme e l'Aminta
Place of Publication Paris
Date of Publication 1823
Notes Part of the Charles Ramsden Collection of Signed Bindings. See Julien Flety, Dictionnaire des reliures francais ayant exerce de 1800 a nos jours, 1988. Macchi states; first half of century, Paris, bound by E. Vogel. Little is known. Born in Dresden, according to H. Béraldi (La reliure, I, p. 34) he was already working in 1814, carrying out bindings for imperial libraries, Étienne Méjan (German lawyer) and the bibliophile Motteley. He first appears in the Almanachs in 1826, at rue Dauphine 24, then from 1832 onwards till 1849 at Four-St.-Germain 78 and then ffrom 1845 till 1851 rue des Canettes 14. He took part to the Exposition des produits de l'industrie in which he was mentioned. Descamps Scrive, Bibliothèque) shows 30 examples. His work is so closely akin to that of Thouvenin that there seems little doubt that they must, at some stage, have worked together. Vogel seems to have been capable of doing all Thouvenin's work, except the really first rate productions. Vogel was definitely at the top of the second class. His styles include: fillets and rocaille border, Restoration and à la cathédrale panel-stamps, mosaic. Curiously, there are some textile (?) bindings covering medieval texts (H. Béraldi, La reliure, p. I, p. 40, 57; Bibliotheca Wittockiana, Relieurs et reliures, 1995, p. 571; J. Fléty, Dictionnaire, p. 176; G. Guillemot-Chrétien, Vogel (E.), p. 534-n. 51-53; C. Ramsden, French bookbinders, p. 218).
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