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Shelfmark Davis368
Held By BL
Country France
Period 16c
Cover Material Calf
Decorative Technique Tooled in blind; Tooled in gold
Style Armorial; Panel design
Edges Plain
Owner Benoit Le Court of Lyons (1500-1566)
Author Ptolemaeus, Claudius.
Title Centum sententiae ad Syrum fratrem. Libri xiiii de rebus coelestis. Liber etiam de luna imperfectus.
Place of Publication Venice
Date of Publication 1519
Notes Bound in Lyon for Benoit Le Court, c. 1540-1550. Wooden boards. Floral border blind tooled, coat of arms of Benoit le Court tooled in gold. [Macchi states; c. 1550, Lyon, bound for Benoît Le Court (c.1500-1565), prominent public character in Lyons in the Forties and Fifties. The books of his extensive library all bear the coat-of-arms usually tooled in silver. About 30 known examples, thereof 4 in the library of Lyons, 1 in the Vienna national Library (T. Gottlieb, KK. Hofbibliothek. Bucheinbände, pl. 38a), 1 in the Milanese Trivulziana Library, 5 in the Mazarine Library, Paris (Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris, Catalogue des reliures françaises, n. 59, 367, 387, 644 bis, 601), 1 in the National Library, Paris (J. Toulet, L'école lyonnaise de reliure, p. 143, fig. 133), 1 in the Vichy Municipal Library (Jean Toulet, L'école lyonnaise de reliure, p. 143, fig. 132). Four others are listed in Belin's catalogue Riches reliures, n. 416-419 (see Jean Toulet, L'école lyonnaise de reliure, p. 143, fig. 135). Benoît le Court's bindings are of particular interest as undoubted Lyonnese covers dating about 1540-1550. They demonstrate how very different a real Lyonnese binding of that time was from the elegant productions, with coloured mosaics and interlaced strapwork known as Lyonnese manufacturings, but probably Parisians.(E. Ph. Goldschmidt, Gothic and Renaissance bookbindings, vol. I, Text 2. Catalogue raisonné, p. 278-279, n. 202, 203). See Librairie Sourget, Chartres, Manuscrits enluminés et livres précieux. Catalogue XVII, p. 94-98, n. 24 on Le jardin de plaisance et fleur rethorique, Paris, Antoine Vérard, 1502; Livres des XVe & XVIe siècles dans leurs reliures originales, p 127, n. 342, pl. 36 on Speroni, Dialoghi, Venice, 1543 too. 20 bindings were produced for this bibliophile by the workshop called "atelier au compas" (D. Gid. Un atelier Lyonnais vers 1550, p. 117-131).] see also Add MS 57911
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