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Shelfmark c129m11
Held By BL
Country France
Period 16c
Cover Material Calf
Decorative Technique Tooled in gold; Painted
Style Backless; Azured or hatched motifs; Interlacing ribbon/strapwork
Edges Gilt and gauffered
Author Castiglione, Baldassare, Count
Title Il Cortegiano del Conte Baltassar Castiglione, nuovamente stampato, ...
Place of Publication Venice
Date of Publication 1541
Notes Painted with blue, green and white paint. Edges of boards gold tooled. Turn ins gold tooled. Bookplate on front pastedown 'Ex libris Robert Hoe'. For other French 16c bindings see Marie-Pierre Laffitte & Fabienne Le Bars, Reliures royales de la Renaissance, Paris, 1999. Macchi states; mid century, Paris (?), strapwork. Backless bindings are uncommon. Binding reproduced in M. Breslauer Inc., Catalogue 104, Part II, p. 254, n. 162. Two other backless Renaissance bindings are known: 1)Bibliothèque Ste Genvieve, Paris (see above M. Breslauer Inc., Catalogue); 2) Bodleian Library, Oxford, as part of the Broxbourne Library (H. M. Nixon, Sixteenth-century, p. 132). Backless bindings represent a rare and curious binding type, carried out during the XVI th century in France (3 examples recorded; see Picard Tajan Ader, Cat. 4 décembre 1987) and in England in the XVII th second half century: H. M. Nixon recorded five specimens, attributed to Richard Bailey, active in London towards 1680; another backless cover, produced in 1552 in England for king Edouard VI, is proposed by M. Foot (M. Foot, History of bookbinding as a mirror of society, fig. 56). Very recent (1997) the discovery in the Hague of another Neatherlandish binding of this kind executed by Jan Dan towards 1776 (J. S. van Leeuwen, Cent trésors, n. 70).. See H. M. Nixon, English Restoration, p. 42, n. 108 and One hundred and seventy-six historic and artistic book-bindings, p. 21 too.
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