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Shelfmark C65g18
Held By BL
Country Germany
Period 16c
Cover Material Goatskin (includes morocco, turkey etc)
Decorative Technique Tooled in blind
Style Panel design
Author Rupe, Alanus de
Title Unser lieben Frawen Psalter vonn den dreien rosenkrenntzen, wie man die ordnen unnd peten sol mitt vil bewerten exemplen eyn vast nutzlichs buechlin.
Place of Publication Augsburg
Date of Publication 1502
Notes 1 pair of clasps. Macchi states; Hunting scene roll and Evangelist tool not found in I. Schunke's, Die Schwenke-Sammlung and E. Kyriss's, Verzierte gothische Einbände. BL C.19.f.13. among Italian bindings also shows a hunting scene. This scene was often tooled on German bindings, especially southern ones, often covering liturgical books. An allegory was built up in Germany around Christian efforts to convert sinners. This religious pursuit after the unrighteous is likened to the worldly sport of hunting hares, kids, wild boars and stags: these animals are personified in this metaphorical conception by identifying the hares with the incontinent, the kids with the proud, the wild boars with the rich, and the stags with the worldly-wise. Continuing the allegory, these personified sinners are struck with the arrows of good example in an endeavour to convert them from their evil ways and are chased by the dogs of preachers's voices in order to frighten them. Typical of this century, the upper cover gothic iscription (E. Diehl, Bookbinding, p. 141).
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