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Shelfmark 12430f11
Held By BL
Country England
Period 19c
Cover Material Cloth, morocco horizontal grain
Decorative Technique Blocked in blind; Blocked in gold; Blocked in relief
Style Publishers binding
Title Oriental fairy Tales, or fancy's wanderings in the East. With thirty-two illustrations, by William Harvey, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. George Routledge & Co. 2 Farringdon Street
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication 1854
Notes Designed by John Leighton. White endpapers and pastedowns. Blue morocco horizontal-grain cloth. Both covers are blocked identically in blind and in relief on the borders, corners and sides . There are three fillets blocked in blind on the borders, the middle having repeating dots in relief. Onion shapes are blocked on the corners. There is an oval frame on the inner portion of the cover, with lacework of stems blocked in relief. On the upper cover, a central vignette is blocked in gold. There is a gold fillet blocked around its perimeter, which forms strap work on the upper corners, with very small dots blocked in relief within the fillet. The inner decoration is onion-shaped, showing stems and leaves. At the very centre, the title: "/ Oriental/ fairy/ Tales/" is blocked in gold. Signed "JL" in gold as separate letters at the base of the vignette. The spine is blocked in gold. The decoration from the head is: small stars; the title: "/ Oriental/ Fairy/ Tales/" is blocked within an arabesque; a single star is blocked at the top of a lance - the star has the word "FAIRY" blocked in its angles. Signed "JL" in gold as a monogram at the tail. Text copyright Edmund M B King.
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